Top Mobile Mishaps of 2013


Laptops and desktop computers have a relatively calm life compared with cell phones. The cell phone travels with us everywhere we go, which means it is constantly at risk of damage and mishap.

Even though the average consumer spends hundreds of dollars on having the latest smartphone, these phones don’t always have a long and happy life!

Mobile protection provider, ProtectCELL, recently asked customers about some of their craziest mishaps. What they got in return is…well…a good example of why cell phones need protection plans! 



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There’s a reason why Apple puts a device in its phones that checks for water immersion. Phones love taking baths. And while this grandmother got away without trouble, many consumers find themselves in a tough moment when their cellular provider refuses them upgrade or repair due to water immersion.
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We love our smartphone, and unfortunately that’s also the case for man’s best friend! While most of us leave our cell phone lying around the house, we need to be careful if we have a pet in the house. Cats can knock phones off tables, and dogs can chew our prized tech gadget. Or worse, as this owner discovered.
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Talk about giving your phone an early grave! We like to keep our cellular phones with us at all times, but that can sometimes be dangerous if our work is manual labor. Whether cracked screens or dropped phones in dirt pits, there’s a place for cell phones and some places that are not meant for them. So keep the phone in a holster or deep pocket if you are working outside!
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Note to self: Never mix stun guns with smartphones or milk. While milk is a cookie’s favorite beverage, it certainly isn’t a cell phone’s favorite.
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Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Losing your phone to the septic tank? Tragic. Having the phone drop right as you’re asking about the weirdest thing found in a septic tank? Priceless. Enjoy the moment and cry later about your lost smartphone.
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Waterproofing is nice. But as this hapless cell phone user discovered, there’s more to saving your cell phone than just giving it a life raft! Unless you’re going to chain it to your belt like a pocket watch, watch out when taking your cell phone near water! Water inside a phone is only half the concern.
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All I can say is that I hope it was a clean diaper. Water on a cell phone is one ugly mess. But bodily fluids all over a phone is another! Will warranty cover a poop-covered phone? Probably not.
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Men really need to learn to keep it in their pants. Lawnmowers are serious equipment, as are snowblowers. That’s why it is important to make sure your cell phone is deeply embedded in your pocket if you’re outside doing yard work. Otherwise, you could find that the last chore on your to-do list is buying a new phone!
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There’s a time to check your messages, and a time to focus on the task at hand. This is valuable advice when going out on a date or meeting an important client, but it also is a good rule of thumb when operating heavy machinery or shooting deer.




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