Tech Sector Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship


We hear over and over again about the shift in our business world today as millennials enter the workforce. Some of it’s good – some, not so optimistic. But the reality is that millennials now make up a larger population than GenXers– so getting to know how they work and what will make them successful is important.

As we enter 2017, a look at the opportunities and challenges businesses will face in the upcoming year is a common theme. Stuart Maitland, a millennial, successful, young, award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The Maitland Group, has some tips for young entrepreneurs.

Stuarts most recent book, “From Working Class to Business Class: How to Get Your Business Idea Dragon Friendly,” is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

“Many millennials want to pursue an entrepreneurial career, but often feel that there are too many hurdles to overcome,” says Stuart. “There is a tremendous amount of possibility in the world for those that have great ideas, are self-motivated, and driven, meaning the obstacles exist, but the benefits are greater than the risk.”

He sat down with yours truly recently to talk more about the millennial generation and where he thinks the business landscape is headed in 2017.

Stuart Maitland

The tech sector in particular, Stuart noted, is hot for young entrepreneurs and something to keep an eye on in the New Year.

There are a lot of big changes happening in the market that will affect business – new laws, a new President – so it’s an important time to pay attention and a great time to be a young entrepreneur.

Technology is leading the world right now and entrepreneurs, not just millennials, but everyone who starts a business, is jumping into technology in one way or another, Stuart said.

Every good business today has an app for their business, a good social media presence and most likely a website – so that is just one sector that’s changing the whole world of entrepreneurship right now.

As with anything, there will be challenges for business— but as Stuart noted, competition is healthy.  Even small businesses are jumping on the bandwagon with an, “If you can’t beat them, join them” approach, and everyone‘s aiming for the booming technology sector.

And entrepreneurs are listening too. They know this is a hot topic and a hot area to be in.

If you look at social media and companies that are already successful –there are already companies like Uber who are purely app-based, Stuart said, and winning. Entrepreneurs are finding motivation from them and looking at their tremendous success and wanting a piece of the pie too. This drives innovation as they think about ways they can get into the same successful market – but in a new way – a way that will get them just as popular and successful. 

All of these fresh, new competitive ideas in the tech space alone are changing the market and changing the world, Stuart noted.

“While we’ve seen such big movements in 2016 already, I think this will only continue to grow in 2017 and I think its just getting started. As big changes happen in the White House, 2017 will present even more changes in the market and it will affect the tech space, businesses and banks. There is potential to shake the world.”

“The tech sector will flourish and the challenges and changes we face will benefit the world. We’re off to a good year ahead in 2017.”

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