Contact Centers Go Cloud in Order to Connect the Dots in Their Data


Businesses are faced with a difficult challenge. They have a pressing need to accommodate an increasingly tech-savvy customer base with evolving engagement preferences, while increasing productivity and revenues. It’s a two-fold challenge that entails not only understanding changing customer needs across multiple engagement channels, but also how to evolve the customer experience while running insufficient technology to support those objectives. It may be a lack of features, too many disparate systems to deal with, lack of integration with other systems, inadequate IT support, lack of scale, or many other shortcomings.

The bottom line is these companies are failing to deliver the level of service their customers demand and, as a result, risk losing business instead of increasing it. Often, these obstacles have existed for a while and have compounded over time, until they became too significant to ignore. Lack of budget, time, expertise, or technology no longer has to be an excuse for failing to deliver exceptional customer experiences. In fact, modern cloud-based contact center solutions, like Genesys PureCloud, are intended to give businesses an edge when it comes to customer service by giving them the tools they need in a holistic, fully integrated, extensible platform that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

But, nothing speaks more to the advantages of a modern cloud platform than customers themselves. In fact, customers of all sizes have already migrated to Genesys PureCloud for a variety of reasons, but one common thread is that their existing solutions were inadequate in terms of actionable analytics. If data is siloed in different systems, businesses have fragmented visibility into what’s happening in their contact center. This forces cumbersome integrations at best, and manual data extraction and report-building at worst. Inflexible reporting costs man hours and leaves employees with a partial understanding and inability to draw insights and make correlations. Having deployed PureCloud, they’re finally able to get a single unified view of their data. PureCloud has powerful, flexible analytics capabilities, which each of the customers below uniquely leveraged in order to improve their customer service delivery. — Capturing and Monitoring Call Center Data in Real Time

The largest private real estate franchise network in Canada, connects home sellers with buyers online through a network of franchisees. A perpetually increasing acceptance of digital services has driven much faster growth than the company had expected, which meant it also needed to revisit its contact center strategy. wanted to create a centralized customer service operation that would support all its franchise operations, but its existing technology was unable to support the rate of growth.  Furthermore, outsourcers proved to lack the necessary product expertise, nor were they able to provide visibility into call activity or deliver agent performance reports. In order to support more than 100 locations across Canada, required advanced routing, reporting, quality management capabilities, as well as scalability.

This was a tailor-made PureCloud use case, allowing to take advantage of the many out-of-the-box benefits of the application, and a subscription model that helps reduce unnecessary costs. PureCloud provides an entirely new level of intelligence about the customer journey and agent performance, allowing supervisors to leverage the intuitive tools to manage agents, queues, callers, and channels for an optimized experience. built its KPIs into PureCloud, and can now generate reports that give visibility into virtually every aspect of the contact center.

According to Clifton Wareham, Manager of Operations, “We can now measure things like percentage of time a rep is ‘on-queue,’ how much time they spend talking to callers and after-call work. This has allowed us to hold our people accountable and reward them based on clear and accurate statistics. We make these statistics transparent so that they can generate their own reports and listen in on peers to proactively improve their performance. This is great for self-development, and morale goes up because they feel empowered.” Warehem added, “PureCloud gives us trending data about call volumes. We’ve used this to optimize staffing, which has led to a direct increase in revenue.”

With a single all-in-one contact center application supporting all the needs of its 115+ franchises, PropertyGuys has seen:

  • 20% increase in sales (forecast growth of 25%),
  • 65% NPS (exceeding its goal of 55%),
  • Reduced costs via more productive agents, and
  • Increased revenue attributed to optimized staffing.

Rapid Financial Solutions — Auto-Logging Contact Center Data in Salesforce

With its legacy in prepaid card services for the sports officiating industry, Utah-based Rapid Financial Solutions expanded a decade ago into additional markets and payment services. Naturally, while the evolution of the company encouraged growth, it also increased complexity and customer service interactions. Its existing contact center and IVR systems, however, proved insufficient for supporting the growth with their limited functionality, siloed architecture and lack of integration capabilities, scalability challenges, and deficient automation and reporting tools.

The decision to migrate to PureCloud was largely based on the platform’s open, all-inclusive architecture built on AWS, which allows it to scale quickly and easily and enables tight integration between the Salesforce CRM system and the PureCloud contact center application. In fact, the PureCloud for Salesforce app embeds PureCloud call controls within the Salesforce interface, and can aggregate customer data from multiple sources and deliver it to agent desktops for increased effectiveness and efficiency. The integration closes the loop by automatically logging interaction details to the Salesforce record.

“So much of what we used to do required manual extraction of data. PureCloud gives us a ton of out-of-the-box reporting functionality, and because it’s pre-integrated with the rest of our contact center infrastructure, we know it’s accurate. This means less time extracting data, and more time analyzing results to improve efficiencies and service,” said Darren Jackson, CEO, “PureCloud has been like going from a Yugo to a Cadillac. We’ve already gotten so much from its out-of-the-box features, but we know we’ve only scratched the surface.”

PureCloud has helped Rapid Financial Solutions achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved customer and agent satisfaction,
  • Increased internal efficiencies,
  • Better agent performance, and
  • PCI-compliance built into the platform.

L’olivier – assurance auto – Extending Contact Center Data with Easy Integrations

French company L’olivier – assurance auto is a direct vehicle insurer that drives a significant volume of business through its contact center in Lille, which serves as a resource for outbound and inbound engagements. Among its challenges was an unscalable IT infrastructure that caused frequent crashes.  As the demands on the system increased, so did delays in service and poor customer experience. In addition, ineffective reporting tools limited the ability to manage teams and service levels, and a lack of call prioritization and routing tools reduced operational efficiency. These challenges were exacerbated when engagement volumes increased during poor weather and annual policy renewal periods.

Once L’olivier – assurance auto had rolled out PureCloud, these challenges effectively disappeared.  The deployment includes integrations with the company’s Guidewire CRM system and eMite for highly custom wallboards.

“The migration was quick and painless,” said Mariama Guiro, Head of Project Customer Service. “Now, we make system changes ourselves and no longer rely on IT or external providers. We can measure so much more, and our managers have real-time data at their fingertips.”

Routine jobs, such as loading data for sales campaigns, are more automated and less time consuming, and the results at L’olivier – auto assurance speak for themselves:

  • Consistent 90% and higher CSAT ratings,
  • A 15% reduction in abandonment rate (now at 3%),
  • Improved efficiency driving FCR, and
  • Integration of additional digital channels into the contact center.

Lowell Norway — Using Modern APIs to Build Highly Customized Dashboards

A Norway-based credit management provider, Lowell Norway was an early adopter of cloud, big data, and AI, seeing their value in building a more efficient and intelligent business model that leveraged the digital age to drive higher quality engagements. Its previous contact center solution, however, wasn’t up to the task of effectively handling more than 2.5 million interactions annually. 

With disparate systems, Lowell suffered from silos of disconnected data and inefficient processes. Lowell also experienced frequent crashes, and upgrades could take weeks to implement. After deploying PureCloud, agents now have a unified desktop that handles all engagement channels, while supervisors have a single system that’s easy to track and manipulate to accommodate changing resource needs. In fact, within three months, Lowell was able to show significant improvements across multiple metrics.

  • Average response rates increased to more than 94%,
  • Wait times were reduced by 14 seconds or more,
  • Automatic customer identification on first contact increased by 35%,
  • AHT dropped by 26%,
  • FCR rose to more than 90%, and
  • Agent productivity increased by 20%.

In addition, Lowell discovered it was able to easily extract data from the PureCloud platform in order to build completely custom dashboards.

“The open APIs are a big advantage, especially when integrating Github applications,” said Carl-Petter Udvang, Product Manager. “Now, our software developers quickly get to all the data they need and more. The other day, we asked if they could create mini-dashboards taking various outputs from PureCloud. After 30 minutes they were back with a project plan.”

Vivonet — Using Modern APIs to Export Data Into Third-Party Systems

With two contact centers and more than 60 agents, Vivonet supports its hospitality payment technology solutions that help companies manage their data and improve operations. Not only was Vivonet experiencing significant service interruptions, its existing solution lacked modern routing features, had little in the way of omnichannel support, and delivered inconsistent reporting data — a recipe for customer dissatisfaction.

Vivonet opted to implement PureCloud because of its intuitive user interface, complete feature-set, and AWS-based architecture, solving the functionality and reliability issues with its previous solution. Since deploying PureCloud, uptime has increased significantly. The increased reliability along with gains in agent efficiency help deliver better service and increase customer satisfaction. Quality monitoring, analytics, and chat capabilities have all contributed to a more efficient operation and cost reduction. In addition, visibility into the customer journey delivers valuable information to agents, who are able to more efficiently address their needs, as well as managers, who are able to identify opportunities for making changes to the IVR or other parts of the journey for an even better experience.

But, it’s the ease of PureCloud public APIs that’s help redefine Vivonet’s workforce management capabilities.

“When we first deployed PureCloud, I had the interns play around with the API to supplement built-in reporting capabilities,” Shafique Adatia, Team Lead System Administrator, said. “We can now do a mass data dump and our contact center managers can mine that with Power BI. As a result, we can staff more efficiently, which contributes to better service.”

The key benefits Vivonet has experienced include:

  • Four-week deployment from sign-off to live agents,
  • Ease of use enables administration by entire contact center leadership team,
  • 99.99% uptime drives improved NPS and cost reduction,
  • Increased insight into customer experience
  • Improved internal collaboration

“We really liked that PureCloud had built-in workforce management, speech analytics and agent scorecard functionality,” said Adatia. “The beauty of PureCloud is that it’s not only full-featured, but it’s fast and easy to add new functionality when we need it.  The breadth and depth of the PureCloud omnichannel features, combined with the company’s professionalism, knowledge and collaboration, have given us the best value for the money.”

These are just a few examples of real customers that have transformed their contact center operations with PureCloud. These customers range from fewer than 10 to more than 150 full-time agents, some of them with additional on-call agents. PureCloud gives contact centers the tools they need to support their customers in a digital world. While these customers all came to Genesys with differing needs, the consistent response after having deployed and used PureCloud centered around fast deployment, ease of use and management, scalability, data integration and analytics, and overall feature richness — all the components that every business should look for in its contact center solution.

To learn more about how and why businesses are leveraging cloud contact centers to support their customers in a modern, digital world, join us for A Plan to Measure Your Call Center Success in 2019.  During this webinar, we’ll help you understand how the right data and reporting can help your contact center reach new heights.

Edited by Erik Linask
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