5 Benefits Of Wireframing Before Your Build


Wireframing is an effective process for organizing a project and focusing on the usability aspect of a design rather than the aesthetics. With an effective wireframe, your team will be more focused, organized, and collaborate better overall. Your clients will feel confident about the design and you’ll end up with more than a good product; you’ll have a great product. Here are five benefits of wireframing.

1. A Centralized Vision

Having a centralized vision, or one that aligns with the needs and wants of the team, clients, and managers, can be difficult. Organizing everyone’s ideas and inputs and creating a rough draft from them takes a lot of effort. Cue effective wireframes.

A good wireframe provides a roadmap to the project, aligning everyone’s wants and needs (the client’s most of all) into a draft of what’s to come. Your wireframe will help guide your team and keep your client informed as the design process continues.

Without a wireframe, you’ll find your design is unorganized and difficult to direct. The team may become frustrated at the lack of direction, and even your client may experience some level of frustration without an effective draft.

Wireframes put the project into perspective. Everything the client wants is clearly mapped out and shared with the client as the project progresses, and once you hand off the basic structure to the next part of the team, they’ll have an easier time adding to it with a wireframe in place.

2. Better Development

It’s easy to get swept up in the aesthetic design of your development project. Let’s be honest, adding visuals and other small details to your design is the best part of the process. It’s incredibly rewarding to finally reach the end stages and see your design come to life in color.

Without good structure, however, the design can be as aesthetically pleasing as you want, but it may not operate correctly. When it doesn’t operate correctly, clients are unhappy, the team is unhappy, and you’re left with a very graphic-rich and attractive design...that doesn’t work.

A wireframe ensures that you’re focusing on the architecture of the project first. You’ll figure out navigation, structure, and more important features of the design that should always come before the aesthetics.

In addition, you’ll be able to show your client (and the team) exactly the direction the project is headed. With better communication, the development process will go sooner and the client will let you know if the design isn’t quite what they want before it’s finalized. That can save hours of edits and plenty of money.

3. Saving Money

Speaking of money, let’s talk about how wireframes can save money on development projects. We all know how costly edits can be, but they can be even more so when either critical errors are made or the product is released before the issues are found and solved.

Prevention is the best practice for addressing errors. A wireframe can help you prevent such errors. It’s a lot more difficult to make critical errors when your project has a roadmap already in place.

The most efficient projects are on time (or early) and require little to no maintenance after their release. These generate the most money and cut costs by making the process more streamlined and ensuring that critical errors are avoided or addressed quickly.

4. Easier Handoff

Many wireframe tools for software developers and even web designers are easily integrated to and from other design programs. This makes the handoff from team member to team member quicker and simpler.

In addition to integration, many wireframe tools include cloud storage and sharing. Rather than emailing files, you can simply send the file via the cloud to any users with access. Collaboration becomes seamless when you don’t have to worry about uploading and downloading files.

Saving time on sharing can cut minutes or even hours off of the overall project time, saving you lots of...you guessed it! Money. Wireframes make for much more efficient teams and projects overall.

5. Improved User Experience

How the user and software respond to each other is a critical component to creating a good website or software application. Users should be able to navigate the project easily and be able to utilize every part of it effectively.

Excellent user experience sets your brand apart from the competitors. Your software will become the standard of excellence by exceeding customer expectations and ensuring a quality user experience.

User retention increases when you provide a great UX in your design. Users will be attentive and interested in the software when it flows well. Your clients will want to keep using the software, keeping you in business and increasing your presence at the forefront of the industry.

Conversion rates are also higher when your software is responsive and easy to navigate. If you want to turn users into paying customers, effective UX is a necessity when you’re designing. A user is more likely to convert if the software they’re using is easy to use and fits their needs well.


Great wireframes are an extremely effective tool for good design. A good preliminary design can save you costly edits and make your projects more efficient. Your team will collaborate better, your clients will be updated and provide feedback along the way, and your budget will be met when you utilize a wireframe. Good products mean loyal customers and better profits in the long run. Put your clients first by using a wireframe in your next design.

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