How Safety-Centered Technology is Changing the Transportation Industry


Digitization is taking over many industries and making a significant mark in our homes and workplaces. The rise of digital technology continues to evolve, and has allowed for an enterprising mindset among developers and consumers are increasingly experiencing higher levels of convenience.

The transport industry is no exception to digital innovation. The introduction of new technologies in business areas has made industries more valuable by creating more time for productivity and business improvement. Various industries like healthcare, education, and retail have become completely transformed by the advent of the tech revolution.

Digital solutions and digitization of operations allow companies to allocate more resources to making a profit and creating convenience for clients.

Optimal mobility using smartphones

A major part of digital transformation is the use of mobile phones to make things easier in the motor and transport industry. The use of apps allows for the new development of apps that integrate real-time information with the demand for mobility.

An obvious example is the automation of the cab industry through apps like Uber, Bolt, and Lyft. The use of these apps has made it easier and safer for passengers to use cabs to get around.

Analyzing driver patterns

Data and analytics allow for the analysis of information from different sources. This will allow companies to track and analyze how their drivers are driving on the road. If a driver is reckless, this information will be readily available. In addition, this can also allow logistics companies to use real-time data to improve operations and know the exact business areas to improve in their company.

As a driver, you can also benefit from the use of knowing your patterns and find ways of improving your CSA score. The use of such data will optimize the transport system to ensure that there are visible improvements and allow companies to make more sound investments.

Improved road safety

In any country, road safety is an issue of high concern, with new developments such as AR and VR, the automotive industry will soon be able to assist drivers. New innovations are making use of technology like smart glasses integrated with maps to ensure that drivers are driving safely.

In recent times, user-generated content such as traffic reports and reporting faulty roads and traffic lights online have greatly improved safety on the road.

Environmental improvements

With the global warming conversation becoming more serious with each year, the development of electronic vehicles will become more prominent. Many countries around the world are beginning to the production of electric vehicles more serious.

As opposed to running on toxic gases, vehicles that run on electricity are far less harmful and traditional filling stations will be replaced with charging stations. In general, the public is receptive to the idea of electricity-driven vehicles because they are safer, cheaper to run and more affordable.

Moving into smart cities

Smart cities are a thing of the present and not the distant future. With adequate government funding from country governments and a supportive framework, smart cities will be possible.

Due to the use and sensitivity of data, it is also important to consider legislation in the development of new tools. Many laws do not accommodate digital transformations and these new developments are prompting governments to take on new and updating policies relating to the transportation industry.

The importance of intelligent transportation

Digitization is all about simplifying and creating intelligent pathways to integrating transportation with technology. Car manufacturers are also playing a pivotal role in collectively advancing motor technology by adding a digital layer to the production process.

Manufacturers clearly play an important role in creating new vehicles that will dictate the future of motor technology.  

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