ITEXPO Speaker IKIN Talks Future of Holographs and 5G


There were so many things we saw on Star Trek, Star Wars, and other science fiction TV shows and movies that we thought were impossible and could never possibly become reality.  Well, Motoroal and the Star-Tac laid that to rest, as did Polycom’s original take at an immersive telepresence room.  These are just a few of the technologies we now take for granted, but once thought were just a pipe dream.  But let’s not forget another iconic scene, with R2D2 and Princess Leia’s holographic image.  It’s something that hasn’t quite become commonplace, but IKIN CEO Joe Ward thinks we’re not all that far off, especially with the emergence of 5G wireless.  Here are some of his thoughts on topics that are going to be front and center at ITEXPO – and technologies that can help businesses excel today.

Give us a brief update on the latest news from your company.

In 2020 IKIN is launching its RYZ solution set that will empower channel partners, wireless service providers, and independent software vendors to deploy holographic capabilities on mobile devices. With RYZ, providers can satisfy the unmet marketplace demands for 3-D holographic imagery with interactive user control, in ambient light, on any platform.

What are the biggest trends driving your market(s) today?

A major trend in the mobile communications and entertainment sectors is the ramp-up of 5G services. Many providers tout the tremendous expansion of operational speed and bandwidth, but few can pinpoint exactly what applications will best utilize this new capacity. IKIN’s holographic solutions are tailor-made for 5G. We’ve designed our solutions with advanced algorithms to manage bandwidth consumption related to transmission of fully dimensional volumetric images.  IKIN-based services operate smoothly on current networks, but will instantaneously adapt to 5G capacities when available, further enhancing the interactive 3-D experience while virtually eliminating the lag common to some high-demand apps, such as interactive gaming.

What are the most interesting or exciting innovations in the space in the past year?  Why are they important?

Early rollouts of 5G have captured the interest and imagination of many in the market over the past year. There is a certain degree of confusion and we are all learning about the 5G landscape. However it finally settles out, 5G is a tremendous leap forward in speed and network availability that will stimulate the creation of new and exciting services and apps.  There is no telling what life-changing and monetizable services will be created on the back of 5G.IKIN is excited to be at the forefront of enabling new capabilities that optimize 5G networks.

What tools are emerging in the market that are creating more effective communications capabilities?

Visual communications solutions are firmly established as effective enhancements to interaction and productivity. Enabling real-time, fully dimensional displays with visual perspective will further improve comprehension and clarity of communication. For example, consider the ability of an agent to manipulate a holographic image from a remote device, allowing them to change the viewing angle or perspective in a technical support scenario. The real-time interactive manipulation of images will forever affect best practices in technical support.

What are the biggest challenges service providers face in deploying and delivering new services to customers?

Solutions must be robust, easy to adopt and deploy, and address real business issues. At IKIN we’ve worked with major application development platforms to create standardized software development kits (SDK) that facilitate quick development of new apps and features atop a robust platform.

How have customer demands and expectations changed?

For many years, people have had expectations of what holograms should be and how they can be used for enhanced communications. To date, those expectations have wildly exceeded the existing technology. IKIN is ambitiously redefining those expectations with its RYZ system, which delivers 3-D images above the mobile phone screen. We expect the first applications built on RYZ will only whet the appetite of innovators to create new services that can only be imagined today.

What impact does a constantly evolving mobile device landscape have on service providers?

Mobile device form, fit, and function continues to change rapidly, but updates to displays, processors, and cameras are incremental. To create distance from competitors, market leaders will need to think outside the phone and deliver new experiences and features that integrate with the user’s environment.

What tools are emerging that are making it easier for service providers to deliver on customer demands?

SDKs, SDKs, SDKs! Time to market is critical to gaining or maintaining a competitive edge. SDKs provide a best-in-class foundation upon which innovative capabilities can be built quickly and confidently. In addition, SDKs such as those for the RYZ platform broaden the scope of possibilities by making it easy for artists and content creators to develop solutions on the cutting edge without deep programming or software development expertise.

What services present the greatest revenue opportunities for providers?

Services which solve everyday problems, add efficiency, and elevate entertainment and personal experiences in ways that are accessible to all and simple to use will help differentiate providers’ offerings. For example, Virtual Reality (VR) has been inching along for several years as a niche solution, but it will likely remain slow to create real traction because, even though it is entertaining for some, it doesn’t solve many real problems. Also, it’s inconvenient for many because users must wear googles or be isolated from others. It’s a nice idea but not a great revenue opportunity. IKIN technologies remove the drawbacks of today’s VR and lends itself to developingsolutions without the substantial limitations associated with VR.

Please make one interesting, surprising, or unexpected prediction for the enterprise communications and tech space for 2020.

On the foundation of 5G, cloud-based AI systems will allow for volumetric holographic projection operating systems to become fully operational and functional. Everything from communication to shopping to consumer applications will be accessible via holographic visual projection systems. This will be impetus for a dramatic shift in all forms of technology and visualization.

Why is your ITEXPO session a must-attend?

In my session, Where's the Revenue in 5G and Will 6G Matter? on Thursday, February 13, at 2:00pm.. in the Service Provider Solutions track, attendees will get a glimpse of what’s possible with 5G. Not just how fast or what spectrum, but what types of innovation in communications, gaming, and digital life applications might be possible with the right tools and platforms that are arriving in the marketplace this year.

Why are you coming to ITEXPO?

ITEXPO provides an excellent opportunity for us to meet with partners and customers that can expand their portfolios and build market shares through the adoption of holographic technologies.

Edited by Erik Linask
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