9 Ways Strategic IT Planning Supports and Benefits Canadian SMEs Across All Industries


Canadian SMEs that wish to have smoother operations, increased productivity, and decreased risks need to set aside time to begin IT strategic planning meetings. 

Organizations across Canada can more readily support customers, offer competitive pricing and services, and recover quickly from any type of technological or natural disaster when they employ optimal IT strategic planning. Canada SMEs must recognize that IT strategic planning is a detailed outline and not just a simple plan. The approaches your IT strategy will employ to protect IT infrastructure must be clearly spelled out. Without appropriate IT strategic planning, your IT infrastructure will not be fully optimized to support your business goals. The more effort that is utilized to create an IT strategy will help you anticipate and proactively meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

“It’s no secret that most Candian SMEs in any given industry heavily rely on their IT infrastructure and cloud-based apps to conduct their day-to-day business,” states award-winning Microsoft partner in Calgary, Carl Fransen of CTECH Consulting Group. “Since more departments are inter-linked through IT protocols allow accounting, scheduling, payroll, logistics, and others to easily access information. Systems are united and communicating together more than ever before, which increases Canadian SMEs efficiency and decreases costs.”

When it comes to IT strategic planning, your company must have a plan that is a solid backbone and also flexible enough to react at a moment’s notice. Technology is not stagnant, and cybercriminals certainly are not either.

When you develop your IT strategic planning process. Your IT consultants should consider the following factors:

  • Market Condition
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Performance Indicators
  • Areas That Need improvement
  • Satisfaction Levels
  • Employee Resources & Training
  • Staff Support Needs
  • Industry Compliance Requirements
  • Budgets & ROI
  • Current Infrastructure

This is in no way a comprehensive list of factors that should be considered. However, it is a good starting spot that can help you and your IT consultants begin creating an IT strategic plan that works for your organization.

Benefits for Canadian SMEs that Implement IT Strategic Planning

Organizations that take the time to appropriately plan the IT strategy will find they rarely have to play catch up, unlike companies that wait until it is too late to start planning. The more proactive Canadian SMEs are in regards to planning for their future IT needs, the more benefits they can achieve. Consider how organizations using Windows 7 handled their lifecycle management. Some took the news that Windows 7 support would end in January 2020 poorly because they had not planned for the eventuality that they would need to upgrade their systems and train their employees. Other organization decided to make the switch to Windows 10 sooner than later in order to have ample time to upgrade their infrastructure. Rather than scrambling, organizations that had an effective IT strategy in place utilized the remaining support time to ensure their current processes were switched over.

Proactive IT strategy planning provides a host of other benefits such as:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Higher Profits
  • Fewer Cyber Crime Risks
  • Improved Continuity
  • Better Alignment of IT and Business Goals
  • Ability to Plan for Future IT Needs
  • Regulatory Compliance Met
  • Reduced Downtown
  • Minimal Operations Disruption

Canadian SMEs that wish to have smoother operations and decreased risks need to set aside time to begin IT strategic planning meetings. Those who already have an IT strategy in place should revisit their plan to ensure what is outlined continues to meet the technological needs of the organization.

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