Why Redo Your Website In 2020


By Andrew Oziemblo, Founder & CEO of Chicago SEO Geeks a Chicago SEO Agency and RankOne Digital Marketing - helping businesses achieve long-term growth goals.

Now and then, you will need to revamp your website to ensure that it represents the advancements you have made as a business. Working with a professional web designer ensures that all the latest technological advancements are included to guarantee your website’s functionality and usability. Modernizing a website requires the assistance of a web designer, graphic artist, and seo expert with all the necessary resources. Resources including, but not limited to HTML5, CSS3 Web standards JavaScript ensures your website has a highly responsive UI. Aside from the basic website elements, you also need to align yourself with the new schools of thought in the technological world. A top-notch user experience ensures that you don’t lose customers to rival businesses. You need to allocate enough resources to web redesigning and development to ensure experts go out of their way to deliver a high-quality website. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the different reasons why you should think about redoing your site in 2020.

An Outdated Website

The most common reason for redoing a website is that it’s outdated. Running an outdated website in today’s digital world can adversely affect your sales performance. The majority of people browse the internet to look for local businesses. New features and icons are being used on websites to ensure customers have a personalized user experience. Working with an expert web designer ensures that your website is optimised with high-quality and aesthetic templates, the right fonts and a theme that aligns with your personal style.

When people interact with your website, they need to resonate with your presentation and the way you communicate your message for them to buy in on the idea or products you are selling. As a business, you are not only selling products and providing services but also engaging customers and making long-term connections. Redoing your website should be aimed at ensuring customers want to be associated with your business.

Your SEO is not working

Another reason why you should consider re-working your website is if it is currently failing on the SEO front. Any SEO expert will tell you that you cannot afford to be left behind when it comes to SEO. You need to work with an SEO Agency on a continual basis to ensure your website SEO is up-to-date. After all, you can have one of the most visually appealing websites in the world. However, if no one sees it, what’s the point? This is why SEO is critical. You need to master content marketing and on-site SEO if you are to attract the number of viewers you hope to. An SEO consultant will be able to carry out an SEO audit on your website to figure out where you are going wrong and what needs to be changed with your site’s SEO.

Incorporation of New Tech

Responsive Images, Retina Display, SVG images are just but a few of the features and aspects your website needs to encompass. There are new technological advancements each passing day and having an updated website is the key to earning new customers. You need to ensure that your website guarantees a smooth customer experience. With a non-responsive, desktop-only website, you are unlikely to earn new business. This is because there is a wide variation of mobile devices people use today to browse the internet. Building a highly-responsive website ensures that customers can access your site with whichever device they are using.

Implementation of new features on your website and being on top of the latest trends requires a detailed understanding of user behaviour. In-Depth research will reveal relevant information that can be used to improve the functionality of your business website. Useful tools and resources for designers and web-developers ensure that an excellent job is done to ensure website usability. This way, your website will be able to reflect professionalism and a customer-centered culture. The visual design of a website should be easy on the eye, and they typography should be responsive enough to ensure a website visitor stays engaged and does not pass you up for rival businesses.

Reflect the Latest Business Developments

As your business progresses, your website should progress with it. Each time you launch a new product or introduce a new service, you need to update your website to keep your audience informed. Doing this ensures you don’t pass up a business opportunity. Every few years, business strategy is bound to change. Failure to update your audience is likely to result in confusion that will most definitely lead to loss of customers. Ensure you use an interactive design for your updates to allow for business to customer engagement. Having your operation give off mixed signals affects productivity and the ability of your business to deliver excellent results. Creative coding ensures that your web performance is top-notch, and speed has a significant effect on your website rankings.

The functionality of Different Features

Sometimes, a website might be in tip-top shape, minus a few problematic features. Each feature and icon on your website work together to ensure optimized usability. Mobile Design Web Apps enable web designers to get a clear idea of what needs to be done for the proper functionality of all icons. Aside from building a great looking website, you also need to ascertain that customers have an easy time using each feature. One malfunctioning feature is enough to cost you customers, since they expect a seamless user experience. Launching an easy to navigate website requires work and the use of Native Apps Tutorials to result in a bulletproof website. Inspirational graphic design, the creative use of photography and illustrations ensures that your website is aesthetically appealing.


A highly responsive website ensures that it can be accessed by a wide variety of mobile devices. Working with a professional website designer ensures that you get a website with top-notch performance and rankability. Constantly updating your website ensures that it represents your current business strategy. Considerings today's fack growth of technology, I recommend not to wait longer than 2-3 years.

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