5 Ways Tech Has Impacted the Fitness Industry


With all the rapid advances in technology, the one thing which can be said is that there is not one aspect of life in the 21st century that isn’t impacted in one way or another by these advances. This holds true for our personal lives as well as business operations and perhaps few industries have been more impacted than the fitness industry. Just a brief glance at the following five ways tech has impacted the fitness industry will reveal just how true this is.

1. Wearables

Who doesn’t own a Fitbit in 2020? Everyone from seniors seeking to stay active to housewives seeking to lose those extra ten pounds they gained over the holidays can be seen sporting the latest Fitbit with all its advances. In fact, even Apple Watch has fitness apps that work in much the same way and although not wearables, even today’s mobile phones have fitness apps that do most of what a wearable does plus offer the ability to measure oxygen in the blood and the ever-important heart rate when exercising.

2. Social Media

Not only can social media help to build a community of likeminded fitness enthusiasts, but it is also a way in which gyms, personal trainers and sports medical professionals can reach a much larger audience. Followers can track new advances, meet up with others having similar interests and get immediate feedback from the community. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account? If so, that’s a rare individual, indeed!

3. Digital Photography

Often used by coaches and trainers, digital photography can help athletes to see just what they are doing right as opposed to those things which can definitely be improved. There are few pro and amateur teams that don’t take advantage of videos to both help them on a team level as well as watching videos of the competition. If you are a coach or trainer seeking to use video digital photography to improve your team’s performance, here is a list of the best action cameras that might meet your needs. Even water sports use underwater digital action cameras to improve performance. This is one aspect of technology within the fitness industry that has advanced with amazing results.

4. Fitness Apps

If you doubt the way in which fitness apps have made major changes to the way in which pros and amateurs alike approach their regular health and fitness regimens, just check out this article in PC Mag online. Here you will find 20 of the most popular fitness apps that provide everything from nutrition to instruction, and of course, everything in between. This is one benefit today’s athletes look for when signing with a trainer or gym because it gives them 24/7 access to information, they need for their particular fitness regimens which have been tailored to them.

5. Online Instruction

With all of the above considered, it is easy to see how technology has provided an avenue for instruction. You will even find fitness videos on YouTube that will help you in almost every area of your fitness regimen. There is nothing like online video instruction such as you’d find on YouTube to inspire fitness enthusiasts to up their results. Not only can videos on a fitness website attract an almost unlimited audience, but they can help athletes make major improvements without even leaving the house!

Again, there is no question about the fact that technology has made a major mark on the fitness industry. Whether you are an athlete looking to up your game or a mom looking to shed those unwanted pounds, there is more than one way technology can help you get the answers you need.

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