Have FCA Caps Made A Real Impact For Consumers?


Managing finances can be challenging, particularly during this time of ongoing uncertainty. But with more of us looking or funds to help us out of financial difficultly, the FCA and other major institutions have implemented regulations to ensure that the industry is operating fairly. From payday loans to long term secure loans, the same regulations apply. Here, we will be looking into whether or not the FCA Caps that have been implemented can make a real impact for customers.

The Positive Initial Reaction

When the FCA regulations came into effect in 2014, there has been mixed reception. Though there was a positive impact in the beginning, there have since been several lenders that have found ways around these restrictions. The regulations implemented where as follows:

  • An Initial Cost Cap of 0.8% per day.
  • Fixed Default Keys capped at £15
  • Total Cost Cap Of 100%

Though these were implemented for the sake of the borrower, many are worryingly borrowing despite already having past debts or a poor credit score.

The Current State OF The Industry

Due to the caps having such an initial impact on the industry and what they can provide, research has found that many lenders found new ways to offer loan types to borrowers. Whether these are extended loan terms or guarantor loans direct lenders offering up financial aid for those with poor credit, this has positively affected the industry. However, with many still not fully understanding the impact that negative credit can have on finances if not managed properly, there is definitely a need for free advice and education alongside these loan types.

The Affect This Has Had On Borrowers

Though several borrowers have been positively affected by these changes it is it more often than not start-ups that benefit from protection such as this. Not only does it provide them with the funds they need to start production, but it allows them access to the technology that they need. Whether it is time management software for a business space or technology such as computers to connect a central hub, FCA regulation and a secure loan type can be beneficial for several small businesses up and down the country.

The Future Of This Industry

Though there is no sign of further regulations on this industry in the near future, there is the potential for tighter regulation in the near future. This is because organisations such as the Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Ombudsman are reviewing the market constantly. This, therefore, could lead to further restrictions to this market and could see more information regarding debt help and managing your finances making its way to the market as a way to combat the growing issue of re-borrowing.

Though a financial crisis can take place at any time, you must begin to monitor your finances at all times. This will help you to ensure that you have the funds that you need at all times to aid you should you find yourself in financial difficulty.

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