4 reasons why you should get a beamer at home


Almost everyone works at home because of the coronavirus measures. For some people this is ideal, for others it’s a bit more difficult. Not everyone has a workplace at home. Yet it is almost always possible to create a home office with the right materials. One of these materials is a beamer. A beamer is not only useful for people who work at home, but the rest of the family can also enjoy it. Do you want to know why? Then read the four reasons why you should get a beamer at home below!

Reason 1: your children will enjoy the beamer

Also your kids are spending more time at home while the coronavirus is still active. A beamer is ideal entertain them quiet while you are working. You put on a movie and they will be watching it the whole afternoon. The beamer can also be used for online lesson programs. Thanks to the beamer, you can turn your living room into a classroom. This way, your children have no chance of falling behind when they go back to school!

Reason 2: work on a big screen

Presentations and meetings become a lot more impressive when you can follow them on a big screen. Thanks to a beamer, you don’t have to focus all day on a small computer or laptop screen. Also, reading email and texts is a lot more fun when you do it on a bigger screen. This makes everything a lot easier to read. The presentation beamers of TheNextShop are specifically developed for presentations, meetings or education. So you also can use it when you’re teaching your kids! Because of that the whole family benefits. This makes the beamer an even better investment.

Reason 3: create a home cinema

After a long day of work you can relax by watching a movie, thanks to your home cinema. You can easily watch movies and series via your beamer. The beamer is larger than your television or your laptop screen. Because of that, the ‘cinema experience’ gets even more real! Now that all the restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues are closed, you have plenty of time to binge watch your favourite series. For example, take a look at our Home Cinema beamers. These beamers have been specifically designed to play films and series at a high quality.

Reason 4: your own game room at home

A beamer can also be used to create your own game room at home! It’s possible to connect the beamer with a Nintendo Switch or a PlayStation for example. What is better than playing your favorite game on a big screen?! The larger the image during gaming, the more you enjoy playing!

Did you have doubts about buying a beamer? Then those doubts are probably me gone after reading these four reasons, right?

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