What is B2B? And which companies are popular B2B IT hardware companies?


What is B2B?

A B2B company produces products or services for other businesses. It stands for “Business to Business,’’.

Regardless, there does remain one crucial difference between B2B and B2C. B2B businesses must deal with more than one customer per transaction. That is, in B2C, generally only one person is involved in the decision making process from start to finish. The person that a B2C company markets to is also the person who typically does the research, tests the product or service, decides on the budget, and approves the purchase. At a company interested in making a business purchase, these tasks can be, and often are, split amongst various people. For instance, 65% of all B2B software purchases include three or more people in the buying process. As a result, B2B marketing teams need to spend more time getting to know all their typical buyer personas to effectively market to all those involved.

Which companies are popular B2B IT hardware companies?

An example of an B2B IT hardware company is the company called Flexitrent. What is the method of this company? How do they work? Hereby a quick guideline about how this company works:

Step 1: Your request

You request a free quotation on the website or by mail or phone of Flexitrent. Flexitrent analyses your request and contact you to discuss your wishes. Any ambiguities are clarified. Also they will discuss the additional options. They can usually provide you with a free quotation the same day.

Step 2: Assessment

You assess the quotation.

Step 3: Confirmation

You agree to the quotation if you are satisfied. And Flexitrent will send you an order confirmation. For example renting a notebook (translated to Dutch: laptops huren) is really cheap at Flexitrent for B2B companies.

Step 4: Delivery

Flexitrent will deliver the order one working day earlier so you have time to prepare. They do not charge extra for this. Delivery is possible at almost every location, even internationally. Flexitrent delivers, and possibly install, the equipment on the agreed date. Also they guarantee support.

Step 5: Calling for collection/extension

Flexitrent will call you one day before the rental period ends. They will ask you if you want to extend the rental period, or want to have it picked up. Afterwards they will then schedule an appointment to pick up the equipment. A third option is that you want to keep our equipment. In that case, you can purchase the rented equipment at a competitive price.

Step 6: Checking rental equipment

After receipt in our warehouse, Flexitrent checks the rented equipment, and you will receive feedback on whether the equipment has returned in good condition.

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