Things you shouldn't forget at a trade fair


When you are an entrepreneur at a trade fair, this is a good way to promote your company. This is the ultimate moment to get in touch with potential customers.  But there are of course a number of points you should pay attention to before you go to a trade fair. Because how do you make the best impression on potential customers? We'll tell you in this article.

Furnishing your stand

The layout of your stand is perhaps the most important thing you should not forget. After all, you want to stand out to the passing public and they come to you for more information. But how do you stand out among all the other entrepreneurs? It's very simple! Have a beach flag printed (translation: beachflag bedrukken)with your own logo or an eye-catching photo. This way you can be sure that you stand out.

Eye-catching wall panels

To make your stand pop, you can opt for eye-catching wall panels. For this, have dibond printed (translation: dibond bedrukken). Dibond has an aluminum look, which provides a tough and exclusive look. Dibond has three layers, the outer two layers are made of aluminium and the middle of plastic. The material is very sturdy, but lightweight. This makes it easy to install.

Promotional products

Once the visitor has found you, comes by to gather more information and listen to your story, make sure you can give the visitors something with all the additional information. For example, choose to have flyers, folders or brochures printed.

A flyer can be used to give short information about an action, event or product. A flyer usually contains more extensive information and images. Here you can summarise briefly what the options are. A flyer is often printed to insert large pieces of text. Do you have a very extensive product or service to offer? Then use a brochure so that there are no ambiguities for your (potential) client.

Also have enough business cards printed. You will go through this faster than you think. Handing out is also received. In this way you and your potential client have each other's details immediately. This way you can easily contact each other after the fair.

Stay top of mind

When the (potential) customer makes his rounds through the fair again, of course you want to give something to keep you top of mind. Preference is given to something they can use and not something that ends up in the trash. Good options are: pens, coffee mugs or notebooks. As long as the product can be used anywhere and anytime, your logo will always be in the picture. And that's something you want, of course!

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