Best eBook Reading Apps for Android and iPhone


Electronic books, popularly known as eBooks, are book publications that are made in digital form. They comprise images and text that you can read on various electronic devices. eBooks started gaining popularity worldwide in the early 2000s. Software developers have built many applications that help smartphone users to access and read eBooks. The following are the six best eBook reading apps for Android and iPhone.

1. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is an easy to install and use eBook reading app. It is appropriate for books that are in ePub and PDF formats. Even so, the app lacks an "automatic save" feature. Thus, the books don't reduce its memory. It is important to import your favorite eBook if you want to save several reading sessions. You can change background settings, font face, and font sizes in Aldiko Book Reader.

2. Cool Reader

Cool Reader has smooth scrolling, customizable text formatting, and palette. It offers an exciting reading experience. Unlike other eBook readers, Cool Reader offers text-to-speech for free. It has a night and day toggle with two sets of backlight levels, background levels, and colors. Besides, it offers regular eBook readers with information about chapter marks, the percentage read, and page count. The app supports file formats such as text, HTML, RTF, fb2, and ePub.

3. Scribd

Scribd is suitable for Android and iOS devices. It has a monthly subscription of $8.99. Amazon developed the app and it provides an Unlimited Program that allows readers to access different eBooks. Some people refer to Scribd as a "Netflix for Books." It has a huge library with over 500,000 eBooks from more than 900 publishers. The application has curated editorial collections, an offline download feature, a customizable display, and personalized recommendations.

4.Serial Box

This is a free eBook reading app for Android and iOS. It allows readers to pay $1.99 for single episodes rather than for the whole book at once. Serial Box has books of different genres including Science Fiction, drama, and fantasy. At times, it offers discounts for full stories like Bookburners, Tremontaine, and The Witch Who Came In From The Cold. Serial Box has an audiobook player mode and configuration settings.

5. tiReader

iOS users can download tiReader on their devices for free. It helps them access audiobooks, digital comics, and DRM-free eBooks. The book reading application supports formats like CBRs, CBZs, ePubs, and PDFs. It has a customizable reader feature with automation tools, library management, search filters, bookmarks, night and day modes. tiReader offers OPDS support and cloud support for books that a reader stores online.

6. KyBook 3

KyBook 3 is a free eBook reading app for iOS. It supports DRM-free eBook formats such as CBZ, CBZ, DJVU, ePub, PDF, and RTF. Also, it has a wide selection of eBook genres including comic books, poetry, prose, and RPG. You can adjust fonts, margin, line spacing, and themes. The app allows you to use iTunes to upload files. It supports several cloud services that include iCloud, Dropbox, Yandrex Disk, and Google Drive. Its OPDS support helps readers access public and free domain content.

Finding the right eBook reading app is a challenge for many people. There are different types of eBooks with varying file formats. iPhone and Android users can install Aldiko Book Reader, Cool Reader, Scribd, Serial Box, tiReader and KyBook 3 to access any type of eBooks. They support odd formats and have configurable settings.


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