Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Complete Guide


Today we get to the heart of the matter, that is, we will study all the most interesting and productive strategies for investing in cryptocurrencies and making your capital profit.

Among them, Bitcoin has a market share of nearly 70% in the virtual currency market, and already has the same market capitalization as Toyota. With sufficient liquidity, investors tend to consider investing in Bitcoin first.

There are many virtual currency exchanges where you can buy bitcoins, but I think many people are wondering which service to use. Here, we will introduce Coincheck and bitFlyer, which are the representative virtual currency exchanges in Japan.

The first part of the strategy: which cryptocurrency to choose

The first part of the strategy must necessarily be reconnaissance. As you will already know if you have been following our magazine for a while, a huge number of cryptocurrencies have arrived on the market, some of them mimicking BitCoin slavishly, others instead that present other types of technical characteristics.

The second part of the strategy: which trading broker to choose

The exchange method is a service in which user’s trade with each other, and the management company provides a place for "board" trading that mediates between buyers and sellers. The board information reflects current asset prices and investor's limit orders in real time, and participants can select those orders or queue their own limit orders.

 However, there is a demerit that virtual currency cannot be traded unless an investor who issues an opposite order (an opposite order is "sell" if he/she has placed a "buy" order) does not appear. Those who want to actively trade and increase their assets are using the exchange method.

Coincheck is a virtual currency exchange operated by Coincheck Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. The greatest feature of Coincheck is its excellent UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).

There is not only BitCoin

There are no reasons to stay away from it, provided that a careful analysis of what the currencies that interest us have to be proposed, net of marketing proclamations, are included in our strategy.

It is also worth remembering that it would be appropriate to put aside the messages that come to us from online advertising: viral cycles and fashions follow that have little to do with the strategy of a true investor who is making a profit. Many institutions that manage the regulation of new assets such as the New York Stock Exchange, as regards the USA, and the Revenue Agency, to take the Italian example, are trying to limit the use of digital currency, trying to slow down the inexorable progress of this incredible technology.

If it is true that at the moment there are at least 12 cryptocurrencies on which it might make sense to bet, it is equally true that fishing in the pile is the most dangerous you could do for your capital. To trad in bitcoins click on bitcoin auto trader bot

Obviously, things are not always like this, on the contrary.

What is Bitcoin and what are Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, also called cryptocurrency, born in 2009 from the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, fictitious name of a developer, or a group of people, whose true identity is still unknown.

The cryptocurrency is simply put a digital currency, is used to make payments, as well as any traditional currency, such as the EURO, and both a store of value in times of crisis as it can be gold. The digital nature of this new form of currency ensures its security and reliability, making exchanges safe and uncontrolled by a central body. Before going into too much detail, let's try to understand how the mathematical sphere behind it works.

Cryptocurrencies, of which Bitcoin and many other electronic currencies are part, on which it is better to invest and how to do it.

To create/generate new currency, in this case new bitcoin, this is called Mining and is performed by Miner (Miner). This name derives directly from the jargon used in gold, as the miners are in all respects those who produce new material, doing the "dirty" work.

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