What Are the Best Platforms to Organize Your Organization?


The energy firm, NRG Energy, once stored all of its internal and external communications in a virtual “junk drawer.” Many companies do this, and it is a very expensive and time-consuming mistake.

These “junk drawers” usually take the form of platforms that are meant to be used for one thing and end up being used for slipshod storage purposes.

You have probably seen this at some point in your career. These bins rarely get cleaned out and are impossible to sift through. Nobody knows who created what or for what purpose, and this can lead to a hoarder-like buildup of files.

Like NRG, your company can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by adopting simple systems and workflows that allow everybody to communicate efficiently with all the relevant stakeholders.


This free online tool is basically a data visualizer. It focuses on flowcharts and diagramming. What makes Lucidchart special is how effectively a leader can use it to communicate the comprehensive mission of the company. Generally, technical employees have a very limited understanding of the macro processes of a company. In that same way, the employees at every level only know one thing.

Lucidchart makes it possible to do away with these information silos by communicating the big picture in a simple, easy way.

Lucidchart comes with an API for Google Drive. This means you can connect it directly into any existing company infrastructure on Google, which is nice.

To do this, open the Google Doc you wish to connect.

  1. Go to Add-ons > Lucidchart diagrams > Insert Diagrams
  2. Find the diagram you want to insert into your doc
  3. Click the orange “+” button
  4. Click “Insert”.

Marcom Central

Marcom Central is a digital asset management software that keeps your organization’s marketing communications straight. As you probably know, staying on-brand throughout the many teams, campaigns, and communications that your company will realize is a massive undertaking.

From the outside, it might not seem like much, but managing your brand’s communications to the outside world requires a smart team and savvy tools. Furthermore, your internal communications must also be carefully managed. Marcom Central is a means for your organization to save time and money by centralizing all your digital presence in a single, professional location.


Having employees use whatever platform they want to individually store all of your company’s information can be disastrous. Avast is a cheap—sometimes free—way to boost your company’s immune system. Avast is one of the largest anti-malware companies in the world. It develops AI and software to fight hackers and internet worms. In today’s world, companies have to be on the defensive, especially large organizations.

Geographic location doesn’t matter anymore. Any computer that is connected to a company’s private server runs a risk if it is not protected. Avast and other cybersecurity programs like it work by identifying abnormal behavior that could mean malicious code, blocking pop ups, and providing a firewall that sets ground rules for any engagement with new programs and sites.

Their main products are the Avast Secure Browser, the Avast Antivirus, and the Avast Secureline VPN. Some versions of these products can be found online for free.

The importance of a cyber security software like Avast cannot be stated enough. There are many malicious programs and individuals on the web and every year they learn smarter tricks to get your information. 

Case Studies to Consider

Some level of uniformity is not just inevitable in your company, it is actually a good thing. Many companies flounder and even sink because they take too long to get with the program and update the platforms they use.

These are some case studies of companies that would benefit from better platforms:

  • Company A gets sued and the CEO needs to find information that can help legal defend the enterprise. The problem is nobody has any idea where the information is or how to find it.
  • The marketing director at Company B knows of a video that was created for a campaign 10 years ago that would serve perfectly for a presentation with the board that is taking place tomorrow. Unfortunately, nobody remembers where the video is stored.
  • Company C is in the pharmaceutical sector. It deals with complex regulations and licensing criteria. Due to this, on-boarding and off-boarding reps is a complicated and expensive procedure. What would make it easier is if the HR department held a single spreadsheet with everybody’s info. Unfortunately, the info was lost when the last HR manager left the company.

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