Mastering The Remote Software Development Process During COVID-19


There are several clear steps and guidelines to master the remote software development process during the Coronavirus. The global pandemic has forced businesses across multiple sectors to begin working remotely. Many experts even have suggested a vision of remote work using augmented and virtual reality. Thankfully, with minimal modifications, you can continue producing high-quality, custom software development products from remote locations. The complexity of the remote software development process is ultimately determined by the size of your team. Fortunately, in the age of the digital era, it is easy to monitor communication, collaboration, and many other critical elements associated with managing a remote team. Read on to learn about mastering the remote software development process during COVID-19.

Implement Clear Communication Rule

To effectively master the custom software development process remotely during the global pandemic, you need to implement clear communication rules. Whenever you are working remotely, managing clear, frequent, two-way communication is crucial. Make sure that you are constantly on the same page with other developers on your remote team. Utilize frequent video calls, instant messages, and audio calls to make up for the nonverbal aspects of communication. To support the growing demand for digital communications, popular video conferencing use has grown during the Coronavirus pandemic. Establish regular check-ins to help manage mutual expectations across your team. At the same time, you need to consistently give feedback whenever needed. Giving both positive and constructive feedback is essential to bolster productivity across your remote custom software development team.

Integrate Powerful Development Resources

Powerful development tools and resources are essential to master the remote software development process during the Coronavirus lockdown. When properly installed, these advanced resources are essential to improve your development speed, quality, and agility. End-to-end DevOps platforms deliver an abundance of powerful solutions to accelerate your pipeline. For example, a container registry by JFrog delivers reliable, consistent, and efficient access to remote Docker container registries. These comprehensive container registries are able to support Docker containers and Helm Chart repositories to manage all of your Kubernetes deployments. To effectively master the remote SDLC process, you need to integrate powerful development resources.

Optimize Your Remote Team Collaboration Strategy

To succeed in the remote software development process, you need to optimize your team collaboration plan. Strong, frequent collaboration is essential to create clear expectations, manage tasks, and create a positive working experience. Fortunately, there are several ways to drive greater collaboration across your business. To start your team collaboration strategy, be sure to assign specific due dates for each task. At the same time, you need to equip your teams with the necessary tools and clearly define team schedules. To further stress strong, open collaboration you can integrate powerful tools like instant chat, Gantt charts, task allocation sheets, and results dashboards. As you transition to developing custom software projects remotely, look for ways to optimize your remote team collaboration strategy. 

Adopt Popular Project Development Methodologies

Transitioning to developing custom software remotely, consider adopting popular project development methodologies. The best software development methodologies help foster accountability and collaboration for remote teams. Simultaneously, strategic programming methods help you streamline productivity, flexibility, and accuracy throughout the SDLC. Traditionally, one of the most popular engineering techniques was waterfall development. However, many modern teams have now shifted to emerging methodologies like agile and DevOps. These are some of the best practices combining the efforts of custom software development with information technology (IT) operations. If you would like, you can combine with other popular methodologies like agile software development. At the same time, you can even use other complimentary methods, such as managing agile and waterfall together.

Establish Automated Guidelines & Procedures

Managing a remote SDLC, it is essential to establish automated guidelines and procedures. Whether your team is operating remotely or not, it is essential to automate simple, repetitive tasks wherever possible. These powerful solutions help you reduce the required human interference in your custom software development project. Many teams implement automated guidelines for code review processes, to implement CI/CD pipelines, and automate frequent testing procedures. Simultaneously, these solutions can help you code and architect your custom program utilizing a ‘cloud-first’ mentality. To effectively master the remote software development process, it is essential to automate repetitive, simple tasks whenever possible.

There are several comprehensive steps to master the remote software development process during the global pandemic. First, to implement clear communication rules. In addition, integrate powerful development tools and resources. At the same time, optimize your team collaboration plan. Moreover, consider adopting popular project development methodologies. Furthermore, you should establish automated guidelines and procedures. Follow the steps outlined above to learn about mastering the remote software development process during COVID-19.

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