Best Tips for Driving Online Sales With eCommerce Tech Trends


The market of eCommerce is constantly growing, mostly because we have never had such online tools that would make the creation of online business so fast, effective, easy, and inexpensive. Therefore more and more people want to work for themselves and create a business of their own. But not only the market of online business is growing - it is also constantly changing, thanks to all of the innovations.

But before you dig into all of these new trends and innovations, you need to analyze all of them and determine which of those trends are compliant with your brand. Because if they are not, you might just drive the potential customers away rather than attract new ones. But with the market growing rapidly, brands have no choice but to adopt some of these new trends to outshine the competition.

Like there is no marketing strategy that would fit every single business, the same way there are no tech trends that would be beneficial for any kind of business. This means that you need to understand and analyze these trends in more detail. Therefore, today we are about to share some tips for driving online sales with eCommerce tech trends.

Tip #1: Use a Targeted and Personalized Search Engine

Integrating the Google Ads platform into your marketing strategy is crucial nowadays. With all the competition that is growing every day, it is impossible to stand out if your potential customers are unable to find you. All in all, everything that you need to create a Google Ads account is Gmail - which is completely free.

Although a lot of businesses struggle with Google Ads - they do not understand how to use it effectively, and others simply cannot outshine their competitors. But there is always a solution - powerful free Google Ads tools from Clever Ads that are super smart, insightful targeted, and personalized tools that help you drive even more traffic to your website. If there is any easy way to deal with the competition, then this is the one.

Tip #2: Consider Using Augmented Reality

If augmented reality sounds new to you, shortly said, it is a 3D sensory, created by a computer and reflected in the real world. It adds additional elements to the reality that you already see in front of you. For instance, one of the most famous augmented reality examples in the game Pokemon Go - where to catch a Pokemon, you need to throw a special ball. All of this happens in the surroundings that you are already around. 

And in the business sector, it can highly enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Lately, augmented reality apps have been used more and more often, and people seem to like and respond to it. On the other hand, when you think of it, it is a great form to increase the engagement of your potential customers, which also highly increases the chance of them buying products or services from you.

Tip #3: Use More Social Media for eCommerce

First of all, social media platforms like Facebook changed our lives and especially the way we communicate with each other. But now, in the thriving times of online business, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are getting more and more involved in the eCommerce world.

Facebook has had its Shops for quite a while now, and Instagram now has a Checkout button, which makes the shopping experience through social media channels even easier and more encouraging. If some time ago, the only way to purchase something that is being sold on social media was by contacting the brand and asking, now it has been simplified to a regular sequence of steps.

Tip #4: Integrate Voice Search

Voice search has been popular since Apple created Siri. Maybe at first, it was fun to talk to your phone, but later on, people adapted it so quickly that they started to use it in their day to day life - why call someone yourself if you can ask Siri to do that? Especially if you are driving at the moment. Currently, about 20% of searches are made using voice search, and the numbers are expected to grow more than twice this year.

The point is that voice search makes the shopping experience better and simpler for the user. If a person wants to order something from you, the voice search can even read out product or service descriptions on your website - so make sure you get them optimized for voice search.

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