How to Use Your Customer's Devices to Drive Interest and Engagement


Creating interest and engagement in customers is going to be one of the most important parts of driving sales. Content is one of the most important ways that you can do so, but you can also use your customer’s devices to help them find out things about your brand. Here are some of the best ways to do so.

Traditional Marketing Updates

There are many traditional marketing tools and techniques that have helped companies drive customer interest for years. However, we are always also looking for innovations we can make that could changes things around. Tech has jumped forward, and we need to ensure that all the traditional methods are modernised in their own way so we can keep using them.

A great example here is with newsletters. Newsletters would first be circulated by post, and then moved to the email format as the digital space took off. Nowadays, you can find many amazing newsletter ideas that could enrich your business. So, how do we modernise it?

Things have already been modernised once with the jump between the printed newsletters and digital mediums. Email newsletters are incredibly useful still, but they might not be as effective as they once were. Instead, you should consider searching for some new form of newsletter. The answer comes from social media.

You can now send newsletters though Facebook messenger and SMS. This is an easy way to update your customers, and it tends to show a higher rate of engagement compared to if you were to just use a standard newsletter. Taking old methods like this and giving them a new form to help here in this new age of technology is always going to be a great option.

Instagram Stories

You might have a thriving Instagram page for your business, but do you utilise the stories correctly? These are short images or videos that are publicly viewable for 24 hours, though you can save them in archives and repost to ensure that they are never fully lost.

The engagement you can get from Instagram stories is amazing. So many people sit and browse Instagram on their phone, and stories are a fantastic way to interact with them beyond what you do already in the comments and posts you might make normally.

You could repost someone who showcases your brand in a beautiful way. You could decide to put in a poll that could show customer preferences as part of your market research. You could even ask to be tagged in their stories as part of a giveaway that you could be running elsewhere.

However, one of the biggest features that comes with Instagram Stories is the Swipe Up feature. Once your page has over 10,000 followers, this feature is unlocked for you. You will be able to link a certain page to it. When the customers swipe up on the story, they will immediately be taken to that page. You could use this to launch a sale, or you could link to a product that has been restocked. These are just two of the options that you could pull on when creating a swipe that can be used to seriously drive engagement in your brand.

Augmented Reality

While you might have heard of virtual reality, augmented reality might have slipped past you up until this point. However, it is making more and more of an impact on the world of business every single day, and we need to make sure that we are embracing it as much as we can now to ensure that it is properly used in the future. Should you come up with a great concept, you might even be able to beat your competition when you launch your own concept that uses augmented reality.

One of the first places the public saw what augmented reality could really do was in the mobile game Pokemon Go. Players here could capture Pokemon like real trainers, and the game used the smartphone’s camera to place a real version of the creature out in the world. By looking at the smartphone screen, the player would be able to see the Pokemon as if it was actually there.

There have already been a few companies who have successfully implemented some form of augmented reality strategy into their campaigns and customer portals. The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has launched a tool that allows consumers to trial various pieces of furniture in their homes before they buy. They just need to hold up their phones and they can see in an instant whether or not their chosen piece of furniture will fit in the space or will suit where they want it to go. We have also seen augmented reality apps emerge for cosmetic brands. These allow customers to try different makeup products on, such as lipstick, to see if it suits them without potentially using an unhygienic tester.

Think Outside the Box

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and there are so many weird and wonderful ways to use it. People will develop fake apps for announcements, or make small quirky things that can just help them celebrate a brand fully. If you can think outside of the box, you might be able to come up with an interesting new way to push engagement and interest in a way that has never been seen before in your industry.

The above three points are all tried and tested methods of finding ways to excite your customers, and there are so many more out there that you can try. You need to make sure that you are always searching for the next big thing that can drive engagement in your consumers. The industry can change at the drop of a hat, but there is always something new that you can implement into your own strategies! Take a look at your current marketing and see if engagement needs to be improved. One of the above methods could be a great way to do it.

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