How to Map Demographic Data Online


There are untold uses for demographic data added to maps, including adding insights about your customer base and identifying key trends to guide business and marketing. Demographic information is a valuable tool for planning marketing campaigns and determining the most effective way to target potential clients.

Demographics can include income, education, religion, crime, gender, age, and commerce habits for any given region. Demographic maps can also help you distinguish patters of both past and projected future patterns.  offers users a chance to revamp the way data is visualized and incorporated into decision-making processes.

Data visualization is an ongoing challenge, but studies show that data presented in a graphic or pictorial format makes it easier to process analytics and grasp abstract concepts. Interactive visualization, such as an interactive map, makes it easier to absorb the “big picture” without overwhelming your audience with charts and graphs.

Displaying demographic data is often not enough for presentations, as the information can be hard to display in a meaningful and useful way. Using a tool like Maptive allows you to transform statistical information into vibrant, creative, and useful presentation tools that make demographic data easier to absorb.  Adding this information to a map is easy when using a tool like

How to Add Demographic Data

Maptive’s demographic data tool allows users to categorize boundaries by marking any areas of interest that contain the prospective demographic you are looking for, along with the ability to customize boundaries.

You can explore all that Maptive has to offer with the 14-day free trial. Once you have signed up, adding demographic information is easy. You can choose to add your information from any source or use the demographic census data tool.

  1. If you have the demographic data onhand, you can upload it directly to Maptive. If not, you have the option of entering such information manually.
  2. Once you have included the data you want to appear on your map, select “create map” from the menu. The program will create an interactive, cloud-based map, allowing you to log on from any device at any time to use the map you create.
  3. Visit the “map tools” menu by clicking the wrench and screwdriver icon. Select the “boundary tool” to get started defining the boundaries of your map.
  4. In the “select boundary type” menu, you can choose between city, state, country, or zipcode to define the boundaries you want.
  5. Select “demographic census data” to populate your map with the data you previously uploaded or entered. You can also choose “demographic census data” to populate the fill areas with the most recent census information available.

Once you have created the map and populated it with your demographic data, you can view “demographic census data” for whatever boundary you choose. Using the “demographic group” menu selection, you can see the specific demographic information you choose.

The Multipurpose Uses for a Demographic Map

Now that your map is operational, you can choose to share it across your organization to provide insights into any demographic data you choose. If your team needs to understand population density, the median household income, minority populations, or age trends for a specific region, it is available in one easy-to-understand format.

Marketing works best when targeted to the customer base you hope to connect to, and Maptive is the perfect tool for making that happen. You can also track insights as you gain them by tracking what geographic area is buying your goods and services and target the same demographics in other areas.

The demographic data is easily incorporated into a map customized for your business. You can choose your boundary types, overlays, colors, pins, and hosts of other features to make your map a functional work of art with automatic updates to virtually any data field. You also have the option of making your map a static image or an interactive tool.

Business planning and marketing, in today’s highly-competitive market, require unique insights to best target potential customers. Using the sophisticated technology of Maptive, you can create stunning visual displays or functional maps with scroll-over pop-up data to guide business strategy. You can choose a demographic overlay for any region to help guide marketing or franchising decisions.

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