Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing refers to the use of resources, computer systems, and data storage services provided to millions of users around the world. Generally, this is done through data centers. Want to learn more about cloud computing? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers about the topic.

1. What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, to be precise, is the provision of services such as networking, data storage, and access to programs over the internet. It is getting popular day by day as it is faster and more flexible, making it convenient for the users.

2. How Many Different Types Of Clouds Are There?

There are two types of clouds; private and public. As their names suggest, public clouds are when data and services are available to the general public over the internet. Similarly, a private cloud refers to private business or company using a cloud that is not accessible by the general public.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has many perks that users can take advantage of. It is cheaper as you do not need to invest in hardware. Cloud servers such as are available at all times, making it more flexible. Data is safe and software can be updated automatically. Since the services are digital, it reduces the carbon footprint, leaving a positive impact on the environment.

4. What Are The Main Features?

On-demand self-service is one of the biggest features of cloud computing. Resources can be pooled by the cloud provider to help multiple customers. Cloud computing also comes with automated systems where data is analyzed automatically.

5. What Is Software As A Service? (SaaS)

SaaS is a licensing and delivery model for online services and software available to the general public over the internet. It can be subscription-based or pay on demand. SaaS is pretty well-known among the users of cloud services.

6. What Services Are Available?

  • Software-As-A-Service: Software provided over the internet.
  • Platform-As-A-Service: Platform provided for developing applications.
  • Infrastructure-As-A-Service: Providing Storage and data facilities remotely. 

7. How Are They Charged?
Most vendors offer the option of pay-as-you-go where you can avail services and pay only for them. This payment structure is common with most cloud providers and is preferred by the users as well. Although this is the common model for payment, some vendors do go for a subscription-based plan as well.

8. How To Ensure Safety Of Data?

Safety and security are the utmost priority when it comes to online services. Cloud computing is safe and secure in its own way and there are hardly any breaches in data. However, it is essential to check the cloud provider’s authenticity to ensure the utmost safety of data. is a great option if you are looking for a reliable cloud server provider.

Cloud computing is on the rise and for all the right reasons. It is much more affordable, compatible, and flexible. Data is stored in a safer way and the hassle for hardware is reduced.

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