Organizations prefer to choose the best cloud applications for their operational processes. For a good conduct of business the integration of all the various applications on the HR and payroll application is indispensable. Nmbrs, provider of payroll and HR software from the cloud, is a strong advocate of such a 'best-of-breed' approach and supports other providers in building the correct connections.

Sjoerd- Haakon Haven is manager Partnerships and Integration at Nmbrs. He ensures that the software of Nmbrs is surrounded by a valuable ecosystem of cloud applications that customers work with. ”Our core business is payroll and HR software (for example accountancy software). Using that, all commonly performed tasks can be executed, but we see that customers often use other applications in addition to our system (personeelssysteem) for example for timesheets, schedules and declarations. Because our software can easily be integrated with other applications, our customers do not have to enter data twice. That saves a lot of time and reduces the chances of mistakes being made. This way, customers have the freedom to choose the most optimal software for every process.”


In the market Haven distinguishes between two movements. On the one hand you have parties that keep expanding their own software, thereby creating a 'one stop shop' for their customers. “On the other hand, we deem it important that customers can decide what application is best suited for their business processes themselves. Following this approach, you automatically end up with ‘best-of-breed’. That way customers can be sure they have the best possible application in order to do what they want. It offers freedom of choice and flexibility.”

Nmbrs makes it easy for providers of different software packages to integrate their product. “On our website you can find all the specifications for the realization of an integration so that other providers can easily connect to our HR and payroll software. On the back end of the software is then, among other things, regulated that certain company data is available to both applications, but for example also that a user does not have to log in again and again.”

Fast, intuitive and easy to integrate

Customers can easily add new or different software to their application landscape. “A lot of services that revolve around HR and payroll software are already linked to our application. If a customer would like an integration with software that has not been provided with a linkage to our system, we can support the provider of that software with our partner program. That program exists of a few steps with the ultimate goal that the external software smoothly connects with our system. “The customer notices none of all this behind the scenes work, but does benefit from all the advantages. This way logging in once suffices and data does not have to be entered again in every program. “Thereby the risk of errors is reduced and of course it saves a lot of time”, says Haven.

Nmbrs is a familiar face at accountant and administration offices, but business clients also make frequent use of the software. “Actually, our software is attractive to any organization with staff that uses office automation from the cloud”, says Haven. “We have, for example, standard connectivity with a lot of well known financial administration systems, but also to declaration applications and time management systems.” The structure of the Nmbrs software makes the application fast, intuitive and easy to integrate with other cloud services. “That separates us from our competitors.”

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