How to Improve the Security of Your Home


Technological innovation means that we’re able to see improvements in so many different aspects of life that it’s never been easier to ensure safety and comfort as it is now.

In fact, modern-day security systems are so advanced that most can be controlled through an iPhone app, come with remote-controlled locks and digital cameras that you can monitor from afar.

This means that you can control and monitor the safety of your home from anywhere in the world and from the palm of your hand.

However, if you’re looking for ways to beef up your security without hiring your very own SWAT team, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some simple ways in which the average homeowner can ramp up security on a budget.

1. Hide Your Valuables

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those videos on YouTube where they interview a burglar to ask him why certain houses are targeted and others aren’t. Basically, it’s all about not making yourself a target in the first place.

Use common sense. Don’t be too flashy. Close the windows and blinds at night so thieves can’t see your big, flat-screen TV.

Keep that new ride you bought in the garage, and make sure there’s someone to pick up any valuable packages that might get delivered to your house.

2. Get a Police Inspection

The folks over at Alder home security say that if you suspect that your home might be a target, ask your local police department to perform a security inspection for you. They often do this when asked so don’t be shy to approach your local police.

They know what thieves look for and will alert you to potential risk factors and problem areas that you may not have been aware of that may make you vulnerable to attack.

3. Don’t Let Anybody Know You’re Not at Home

Another way to not make yourself a crime of opportunity is to make sure you have someone taking care of your house whenever you’re on vacation.

Failing this, ask your neighbors and friends or family to mow your lawn regularly, collect your mail, and make sure that your house doesn’t look deserted while you’re away.

4. Use a Smart Door Lock

Experienced burglars know all of the locations where a homeowner is likely to keep their keys so don’t even think that a hide-a-key is going to be safe.

Rather use a smart door lock with a unique user code that you won’t forget but that won’t be easy for anyone else to guess - not even your loved ones.

However, it’s okay to share the code with members of your household who also need it to access the house but no-one else.

5. Install Window Locks

Most burglars use windows to enter a home because it’s often the least guarded part of the property.

That’s why the latest home security systems come with window sensors but you can do so much more to tighten security around your home’s windows.

For instance, you can invest in window locks, particularly for the windows on the first floor and basement of your house.

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