Mobile Marketing Survival Kit For Christmas


The mobile marketing sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world as marketing experts shift their focus to the use of mobile devices. In the Holiday season, the use of mobile devices will rise with consumers looking to research the goods they want to buy and react to social media posts. Using a mobile messaging platform is one of the key ways members of the marketing sector are reaching out to existing and new followers of their brands. In the mobile marketing sector, Christmas should be an opportunity to extend the reach of a brand to new areas of society.

What is Mobile Marketing

Whether you choose to use a mobile messaging platform or stick to social media posts for your brand, you should be looking at this area for the future of your brand. The Digital Marketing Institute explains mobile marketing as a campaign that is focused solely on the delivery of messages directly to the mobile device of a customer. The use of mobile devices for internet access has surpassed the use of desktop users throughout the last few years.

How Long is the Holiday Season?

This is a question most marketers consider early in the year as they plan their Christmas marketing strategy for the year ahead. A mobile marketing strategy for the Holidays should include decisions made about when to start your campaign for the Christmas season, which research has shown begins for most consumers during November. Chief Marketer reports around 40 percent of U.S. consumers to start their planning for Christmas in November, meaning this should be the time your brand begins its planning for the Holidays.

Should you Increase Your Spending

When you are trying to create the best options for making the most of the Christmas season, you will need to look to plan your advertising spend to match your hopes for your brand. Many marketing experts believe you should not increase your marketing budget when the Christmas season begins, but others believe your spending should only match the marketing budget you have set for the rest of the year. Advertising prices can increase by up to five-fold when the Holiday season approaches with the rise in prices climbing by up to 140 percent from November through December.

The Holiday Season does not end on Christmas Day

Mobile marketing opportunities are growing across the nation by the day, but the Christmas season is not a period when small businesses can often break into new sectors. Big-box stores will dominate the marketing sector on mobile and desktop platforms throughout the Holiday season, but smaller brands can still add to their customer base during these periods. Using mobile messaging software, you can increase your marketing potential by advertising your company and any post-Holidays deals on Christmas Day. Planning to use the Holidays to your advantage is one of the most impressive options for your brand to take when planning a strategy.

Track Your Data

Data has become a major part of the marketing sector and provides you with insights that will help you build on your brand during and after the Holidays. On your website or mobile platform, you can add new fields to your online presence to aid the tracking of your data. By adding coupon codes, mailing lists, and other user data, you will have the chance to add new data fields to your marketing strategy to help you respond to your customers. When you are advertising online, you should work with companies offering you a high level of response to your data to allow you to move forward with your marketing plan with increased accuracy.

Add Holiday Fun to Your Materials

Allowing your marketing materials to match the Holiday season is a simple step that will help you to stand out from the crowd. When Christmas arrives, you should be ready with materials that include Holiday themes that give you the chance to take advantage of the spirit of the time of the year. A positive response to your Holiday marketing strategy can make a huge difference to the year.

A Burst Campaign can be Effective

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you will face the issue of how to rank at the top of your local search engine results. AN effective option is a burst campaign that targets your mobile users in a way that will lead to a higher ranking on your local search results.

Add Free Gifts and Offers

Christmas is the season for giving and you will benefit from your ability to increase sales by offering gifts and special offers. Using a mobile messaging platform, you can target your customers effectively to give details of deals and offers you are providing for loyal customers and new arrivals.

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