UseViral Review: Does it Help to Grow your Social Media Accounts?


There is so much competition on social media these days. Like, a lot. Many social media networks have hundreds of millions of daily active users, and some even in the billions. With so much opportunity to build a strong following and expanding business and marketing potential, people are trying to get more prowess across many platforms.

Cross-platform social media presence is a big deal, and it can also be incredibly time consuming to fortify the necessary growth to stand out. The reality is that people use social media to determine whether or not your brand or business is reputable, how much they trust you, and if they want to become a client or participant in what you offer.

Because people need urgent social media growth, many companies claim to give you the engagements and followers you need to become the next social media superstar. Do they actually deliver results? With so many options these days, it’s difficult to know the good companies from the bad ones.

A popular option, UseViral, has been getting a lot of attention lately, so we wanted to check them out and see what all the fuss is about. In this UseViral review, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • What is UseViral?
  • Can UseViral help grow my social media accounts?
  • Is UseViral Safe?
  • How much does UseViral cost?
  • Is UseViral a scam?

Once you have the answer to these key questions, you’ll know whether or not the service can benefit your social media accounts. These questions are valid for assessing any social media growth company, so feel free to apply them to other companies you evaluate.

Let’s get started!

UseViral Review: What is UseViral?

UseViral is a social media growth company that has been around for years. They offer a variety of different follower and engagement packages for social media, all of which provide you with real followers and engagement.

According to their website, UseViral promotes your content through their network of followers so that you can gain quality engagements that won’t hurt your account nor your reputation. They say that they have a network of over 5,000 web partners that help to gain notoriety for your content, which is a pretty substantial offer.

Most social media growth companies have no strategy and don’t offer anything of real value, so seeing all of these details and thoughtful growth methods is a standout feature of UseViral in comparison to others.

Not only that, they have a lot of options, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

Can UseViral Help Grow My Social Media Accounts?

All of the questions covered in this article are important, but this one is probably the most powerful one, as no one wants to hire a social media growth company and essentially waste their money.

The good news is that UseViral provides real, valuable engagements and followers for a variety of social media networks that will, in fact, help your social media performance.

UseViral offers services for a bunch of different social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud

These are some of the most popular platforms to gain traction with your target audience, and UseViral has a lot of different offerings to help facilitate your growth. They most definitely can help you to grow your social media presence and following, as well as boost credibility.

Their Twitter service is especially useful, which helps you to perpetuate real and organic engagements with users in your target audience. This is a bit different than the other services that they offer.

Safety Review

Another big concern for people when they use social media growth services is whether or not their account will be safe. There are two meanings to the word “safe” when it comes to social media growth: protecting your data and info, as well as keeping your account from being flagged by the platform.

You can run the risk of experiencing problems with both types of safety if you don’t choose wisely. We took a look at the ways UseViral claims to protect you, and it’s clear that they care about your protection.

When you sign up for services with UseViral, you don’t need to provide your account password, which is a good sign. If a company asks you for your password and are simply providing you with engagements or followers directly to your social media profile, run. They don’t need your password to deliver orders like these.

The exception is the Twitter growth service; when UseViral takes actions on your behalf through Twitter, you will provide your password, but UseViral doesn’t store any sensitive information and is protected through SSL encryption, which is also another important indicator of a company that values your privacy.

When you buy packages from UseViral, your order will be delivered quickly yet safely, not putting your account in danger.

How Much Does UseViral Cost?

In terms of price, UseViral offers some of the most affordable prices in terms of the quality that you’ll receive. Of course you can buy YouTube subscribers for less, but the good thing about UseViral subscribers is that they are real and active, which means they’re more beneficial for your account.

In our opinion, it’s better to pay a little more in terms of quality since the followers and engagements you’ll receive can greatly affect your performance on any social media platform, and will also either hurt or help your reputation.

When companies offer followers or engagements for basically dirt cheap, they’re not very good quality. Based on UseViral’s description of what you’re getting and the high quality of their service as well as 24/7 support and quick, safe delivery, their pricing is pretty good.

There are so many different pricing options that we can’t lay them all out here, but we’ll give you some of the most popular for reference:

As you can see, these are some of the basic prices and they vary depending on quantity and platform.

Is UseViral a Scam? 

Based on all of the research and testing we did, UseViral is definitely not a scam. They have really responsive support, always fulfil their orders, and provide the quality that they describe on the website. This is a great breath of fresh air in the social media growth industry.

Not only that, UseViral has a lot of positive client reviews, which is a good sign.

UseViral Review Conclusion

UseViral is a very credible and respected option for social media growth. Whether you’re looking to grow your organic Twitter followers or a supplement for your YouTube views, UseViral is a safe and effective way to boost your social media presence across different networks.

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