Twesocial Review - Just How Good Is It?


With almost 330 million monthly active users and approximately 145 million daily active users, Twitter has become a giant in the microblogging industry. Sharing your opinion and voice through ‘tweets’ can be done so easily, and you will also be able to get the latest news and updates on current events quickly.

But from the business marketers’ perspective, how can Twitter be a beneficial tool? Many business owners still don’t see the advantages of marketing on Twitter, when in fact it should be one of their go-to platforms when it comes to building brand awareness.

Why? For starters, the majority of the contents on Twitter are easily digestible, so you don’t have to bend over backward just to get your post noticed. In fact, the more concise and straight to the point you are, the better. You can also easily share links to your blog or website and connect to more people through hashtags and retweets.

However, all these Twitter features may be useless for a business marketer if he or she is forgetting one very important detail: the number of followers you have.

Sure, it may seem vain to have to worry so much about your follower count, but when you’re in business, you know that it’s vital.

The number of followers you have on your Twitter account can make or break your brand’s credibility, not to mention the amount of organic reach you’ll receive once you’ve established a reputable growth.

This is why promises of gaining instant Twitter followers are everywhere—from using bots to buy fake followers to buying ‘recycled’ Twitter accounts with thousands of existing followers. But the truth is, these tools can actually do more harm than good to your account.

Twesocial Review

So how will you establish a consistent growth on your Twitter followers without using these cheap tricks? That’s easy: by using Twesocial.

Now before you say anything, hear us out first. Twesocial is NOT a bot or post automation service, but a group of growth experts manually growing your account. It’s like hiring a social media manager whose main focus is growth and making sure you’re getting new followers. Knowing this, what are the other reasons why we recommend Twesocial?

1. Gain REAL Twitter Followers

Having more Twitter followers is not always a good thing, especially if those followers are fake. Fake followers don’t provide engagement and are just there for show.

When you gain real followers, however, you get real engagement and results from real people. By using Twesocial, your growth manager will help you optimize your account so you can get those organic followers with ease.

2. Audience Targeting

It’s important to know that the followers you have and will have are actually interested in what your products, business, or brand is all about. There's no use having an x amount of followers if they're not going to engage with your content. Twesocial ensures this doesn't happen by making sure that the right audiences are properly targeted by asking you a series of questions and understanding your needs, so you’ll reach prospect followers that actually belong in your target market.

3. Advance Targeting Methods

Twesocial offers not one, not two, but four targeting methods to grow your Twitter account with intuitive marketing. They’ll maximize the use of hashtags, reach more people through advanced username targeting, finds potential followers by targeting specific locations, and the best part: by use of AI targeting. Twesocial’s machine learning system will optimize your account to ensure that your growth is maximized.

4. Reasonable Growth Timeframe

Although how fast your account will grow depends on a lot of other factors, Twesocial has provided a respectable amount of results in just a short time. Their clients tend to see a growth of 800 – 1500 new REAL followers per month.

5. Affordable Pricing Options

Twesocial offers two options: Regular and Pro.

With Regular, you’ll receive moderate growth speed, optimized audience targeting, and fully managed service. You only have to pay $15 per week for the Regular option or save more than 10 bucks by paying $49 a month.

However, if you want to maximize your growth, then Pro is the one for you. By signing up to Pro for only $25 per week or $99 per month, you’ll receive all the benefits from the Regular option plus maximum growth speed and priority support.

Instead of wasting your money on buying Twitter followers, give Twesocial a try and witness the results yourself.

According to experience and user reviews; the strategies and techniques they use are safe, secure, and are proven to provide your account with impressive growth.

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