Microsoft Will End Outlook as Company Shifts to 'Project Monarch'


One of Microsoft’s oldest email applications, Outlook, will be phased out as the company looks to roll out a new cross-platform service.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has been working on a new web application codenamed “Project Monarch”, which will essentially act as an updated version of the latest browser version of Outlook. Along with the typical features that Outlook provides, the new version will likely be functional across all platforms, including Apple and Web Browsers. The goal Microsoft has in mind is to combine all currently available versions of the service into one complete option for users.

Currently, Microsoft has a variety of options when it comes to email, such as Outlook Web, Outlook for Mac, Windows 10’s Mail and Calendar App. This is obviously confusing for users who use a variety of platforms at once, so Project Monarch looks to simplify these services into a single entity. The code design will allow the program to run on Mac or PC, which will allow users to seamlessly transition their experience across whatever device they’re using.

This move is a significant step for Microsoft's brand, as many programs that the company develops are strictly for  Microsoft products. A new platform, along with a broader scope of user access, could allow Project Monarch to be a game changer in the communications space. The company plans to release a version of the new software by the end of the year. However, users can essentially preview Project Monarch by using the Outlook Web Browser, which is reported to have a similar interface.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, TechZone360

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