Vladimir Cizelj's VLATACOM: A Leader in ICT Security


The founder of VLATACOM, Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, has long realized that data safety is one of the greatest challenges in the field of information and communications technology.

Although beneficial for both businesses and public organizations, the digitization of information has caused many issues when it comes to data control and security. The only way to address this problem is to implement a multifaceted security solution that uses the latest fraud-proof technology to ensure outstanding data protection.

Fortunately, such systems exist thanks to the solutions offered by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM.

ICT security explained

ICT security, or information and communication technology security, refers to all kinds of security solutions, systems, and measures used to protect sensitive data and personal information that is stored online. Since ICT as a term embodies various technologies, communication channels, services, devices, and technologies used for digital data exchange, it is clear that an effective security approach has to be multi-layered in order to provide optimal results. 

This approach has to be designed to address information security as a whole and provide a safe pathway for data storage, organization, sharing, access, retrieval, disposal, and monitoring. Data breaches are becoming more common as we speak and information malversations are an ever-growing threat to the most sensitive national and civilian data. In order to keep critical data from being manipulated or misused, each aspect of data safety should be considered equally important.

A solid ICT security strategy is particularly important for various small and medium businesses, large enterprises, and government organizations, as they are the ones who typically handle the most valuable and confidential data. Stealing or in any way manipulating such data leads to devastating consequences that can pose a threat to national security. That’s why such organizations need a strong and reliable ICT security solution that will help them keep their operations efficient and their data well-protected.

The advanced ICT solutions VLATACOM offers

VLATACOM Institute is a renowned research and development institute located in Serbia, Europe. Its mission is to develop high-quality, innovative, and tailored ICT security solutions that prevent even the slightest attempt of data misuse and keep all kinds of classified information safely stored, retrieved, and exchanged. Their solutions are known to provide flawless performance no matter what, so it’s no wonder that they often manage to exceed customer expectations.

Thanks to the visionary spirit of its founder, Vladimir Cizelj, as well as the advanced technological solutions it offers, VLATACOM quickly emerged as a true technology leader in the field of ICT security. Today, this privately-held institute employs the most reputable industry experts, distinguished scientists, and well-respected university professors who use their vast knowledge and experience to conduct thorough research and testing of each individual product.

Among many comprehensive security solutions delivered by this team of experts, VLATACOM Personal Crypto Platform for Voice Encryption (vPCP-V), VLATACOM Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration (vPCP-FC), and National Crypto Center (NCC) are the most popular ones. vPCP-V enables voice encryption in order to increase the security of different voice communication systems. vPCP-FC ensures safe file exchange, whereas NCC is used to improve national security by providing reliable digital identification, communication, and authentication. 

About Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM

It seems that Vladimir Cizelj has been interested in science and technology ever since he was young, so it was only natural for him to enroll in the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Belgrade, Serbia. After he got his degree from the Department for Electronics, Telecommunication and Control Engineering, he decided to continue his education in the United States of America, where he attended and graduated from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

Once he returned to Serbia, Vladimir Cizelj got the position of the head of the department for the development of special devices and systems at the well-known Institute of Nuclear Sciences called “Vinca”. During his time there, he had an opportunity to work closely with many experts and participate in many scientific projects that were of major national importance.

As a renowned scientist who possesses a strong entrepreneurial mindset and visionary spirit for innovation, Vladimir Cizelj has devoted his career to the research and development of top-notch technologies and ICT systems that aim to boost business and economic growth. By establishing VLATACOM, the leading system developer and integrator in the security sector, Cizelj has managed to create an ICT security product line that is by far one of the best on the market.

Bottom line

Ensuring online data security and implementing safe ICT infrastructure is one of the top priorities for all businesses and organizations looking to keep their activities afloat.

Security systems developed by Vladimir Cizelj and his institute are the most advanced technological solutions when it comes to protecting the integrity and privacy of sensitive information, which is why VLATACOM is considered an undisputed leader in ICT security.

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