10 Best CCleaner Alternatives to Speed Up PC/Laptop in 2021


One of the most known names in cleaning up a computer’s hard drive right now is CCleaner. However, not only are they far from the only option, there are excellent alternatives to CCleaner that perform many more functions to restore your PC to full speed than merely cleaning out junk files.

Ten of the very best CCleaner alternatives make the list below, starting with Iolo System Mechanic. Finding an option that provides the most amount of value overall can give a person a computer that feels as good as new. It is worth the extra bit of time to analyze the different alternatives before making a decision.

Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

From an all-around, multi-use standpoint, Iolo System Mechanic provides an unrivaled solution. From necessary tuning to tools that can really help make a computer feel brand new, independent review websites continue to rank it one of the very best.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is an all-in-one optimization and security suite that helps protect you against modern threats such as: password hacks, credit card theft, spying on your online habits, reputation compromise, accidental file deletion, sensitive data theft, malware invasions, Windows® security holes, bloatware and startup bottlenecks, and PC slowdown induced by needlessly running background apps.

Working with several different types of Windows, System Mechanic can give fairly old computers a significant boost. It all starts with a scan that is detailed enough to provide outstanding results the very first time. From there, provided recommendations ensure that a person is doing everything possible to speed up their device.

CCleaner provides plenty of tools in their own right, but no one matches what System Mechanic provides under one umbrella. It takes many additional downloads to get everything needed to go along with CCleaner, and that is too much effort and unnecessary downloads to make it worthwhile for some. For a utility meant to cut down on the bloat of a computer, it makes no sense to download numerous pieces of software to make it all work.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a combination of two cleaners to make a computer operate the way it should. The common cleaner is in charge of getting rid of temporary files in browser history, while the advanced cleaner is in charge of searching for specific files that might be harmful. By utilizing two cleaners that both work well, the results are pretty significant once combined.

The company has realized that they are a real competitor to CCleaner, and they have a utility called WiseCare 365 that offers additional features at a slightly higher price. This can compete well with Iolo System Mechanic, but it is still a bit clunky from a performance standpoint. They continue to make improvements and have shown that they are growing as a company. It is always nice to see so many results after a scan to see that the software is working.

Clean Master

With an interface that beats CCleaner handily and is close to what is offered in Iolo System Mechanic, there is a lot to like about this application. Everything is very easy to read and understand, and that leads to faster results as time goes on. To entice people, even more, they have one of the best free versions a person can find.

Most end up investing in the pro version, and that will give a person tools such as Power Recovery and Driver Manager options. It is encouraging to see all the improvements they have made over the years. This has put them in contention for one of the best solutions out there right now.

Advanced SystemCare

A lot of praise has been thrown iobit's way for their Advanced SystemCare file cleaner. It is billed as an all in one tool, starting with the free version. While they can uncover a lot of junk files on any computer, what draws people in are the additional tools.

Advanced SystemCare tries to be a lot like CCleaner, System Mechanic, and other top options. They give each customer a useful monitor they can run at all times, a tool that fights against malware, and additional bonuses that are going to keep a computer running smoothly at all times. However, their software and tools are not as useful as many of the other options out there. It comes up a bit short and can be frustrating for individuals who end up upgrading to the paid version and notice that there is not a ton of difference.

There is no doubt Advanced SystemCare is on the right track, but they are just not at the same level as some of the other top options out there. What they offer is similar to what we also offer, but we have continued to make upgrades throughout the years to always provide outstanding results.


CleanMyPC is a very valuable option. Some people like the improved support compared to CCleaner, and the user-friendliness of the entire suite is dependable as well. The clutter-removing benefits are similar to what System Mechanic provides, including free 24/7 product tech support and the option of adding affordable help with any tech issue (e.g., printer help, video chat setup) for a variety of devices (routers, phones, cameras, etc.).

Outside of System Mechanic, CleanMyPC might be the best for people who are extremely worried about staying protected online. There is a program built-in that can eliminate any cookies, cachet, or other unnecessary add-ons to the browser. A cleaner and more protected internet can give people peace of mind that they will not suffer from any identity theft or general hacking.


Diskeeper promises to do more than remove files that could be potentially harmful to a computer. They also use a solution that provides real-time writes from Windows so that there is no chance of fragmentation. Some people might be particularly running into fragmentation issues, and this could be an option to explore.

Unfortunately, while it does have some nice features in that regard, everything else is below average. Customers are genuinely going to be better off with tools that have more settings overall. A person can’t always find what they need without having to waste a ton of time and energy. Diskeeper makes a few tasks a bit too complicated and time-consuming.

Being able to work equally well with hard drives and solid-state drives does give Diskeeper a bit of a boost. Compared to CCleaner and System Mechanic, most are probably going to go with either option before this one. It is not saying that this keeper is particularly bad, but it just does not live up to overall expectations. It still deserves mention for being able to do a few things well, but it is not a genuine alternative that many will be clamoring for.

AVG PC Tuneup

Take a look at any list of registry cleaners, and AVG PC Tuneup gets high praise. They are one of the few companies that offer solutions not only for Windows computers, but Mac and Android users as well. This is one advantage they have over a lot of the competition, but they also offer some of the most effective tools out there.

Everything with the AVG PC tuneup starts with initial scanning to identify problematic files. Getting rid of anything that is junk or bloating the computer can have effects on speed right away. The tools in charge of the initial scans are what keep people loyal to AVG PC Tuneup as well.

There is a lot to love about what they offer, but Iolo System Mechanic comes with more tools that custom fine-tune your hard drives, processor, memory, and internet settings for the best overall performance


Treesize does a great job of throwing a ton of information at everyone who uses the manager. They provide a ton of graphics so that a person can analyze everything and see what might be the problem. Once problems are identified, the next step is organizing and cleaning up everything so that the computer operates as it should.

The way they go about fixing problems is a real stand out feature for Treesize by Jam Software. It is clear that they have borrowed a few techniques from System Mechanic, and that has formed into a very nice option that could very well work for many people out there. They offer a 30-day free trial that is also enticing for those who do not want to spend money before seeing how it works in real-time.

With customizable searches, reporting information that matters, and other bonus features, Treesize deserves to be on a list of CCleaner alternatives. We still offer a bit more all-around, but people always find plenty of success using tree size if they wish.


Winzip is a pretty simple utility that offers a bunch of features under one roof. Having a suite of tools available to fix up a computer comes in handy. With that said, out of the 20 tools provided, only a handful are beneficial for the vast majority of people.

Junk cleaners and registry enhancers work better than the vast majority out there, so that is one reason why they are high up on the list. However, beyond that, a lot of the results they can achieve are rather mediocre.

Another reason why Winzip does not jump to the top of the list is that their interface can be a little sluggish at times. Nobody wants to have to wait time to navigate through the system when they are trying to speed up the computer. It should move a little more quickly and efficiently.

System Ninja

Some of the CCleaner alternatives can feel a little heavy and even clunky in their own right, but System Ninja is one of the lightest options out there. They focus on scanning for completely useless files, and allow people to get results exceedingly quickly.

Since it is such a bare-bones option, people need to look elsewhere for other tools that just come standard with other CCleaner alternatives. This is more for people who may not need all those other tools, but want to focus on finding all the junk files that are slowing them down. It is one of the best at doing a deep search and taking care of business, but the lack of additional features makes it hard to recommend to anyone else beyond a very niche group.

Common questions regarding tune up utilities

CCleaner and other tune-up utilities might market themselves well, but some still might not have that much of a clue on how everything works. From just how important they are to use, to any safety concerns, knowing a bit more about these applications can make a pretty big difference.

What makes CCleaner, Iolo System Mechanic, and other tune-up utilities so important?

Hard drives are more massive than ever, and that means plenty of unnecessary files can start to pile up without realization. It might not seem like that big of a deal at first, but as time goes on, it can slow down a Windows-based computer. Whether it is day-to-day functioning or only booting up, a slower computer is going to become increasingly frustrating.

Having a dependable option to do the scanning and find what needs permanently deleted helps out tremendously. A person needs no knowledge whatsoever of computers and how they work to use these solutions. Junk files, apps that have rarely if ever been used, and duplicate files all should go away and free up space.

Windows is notorious for having startup programs automatically included with a new computer. Getting those removed, and any others collected along the way can speed up all the computers in the family. Even fixing the registry can cut down on any glitches or errors that might occur.

Security also becomes a pretty big issue for most users, and some files stuck on computers can do a lot of damage if left untouched. Every time a person is browsing on the internet, browser cookies are collected to track individuals. These cookies can be used for evil if the right hands get ahold of them, which is why it is so important not to shy away from adding security features.

Privacy features also make a difference when using a tune-up utility. As long as a person is keeping things up to date, they can browse privately online and not worry about future attacks in any way. While no person is entirely protected from anything, most of the top companies providing tune-up utilities will be capable of fighting against the toughest attacks. When there are any new issues popping up, solutions are nearby.

Are tune-up utilities entirely safe for use?

All of the options discussed above are entirely safe for anyone to use on their computer. The design of the application is to make things a lot easier when identifying and removing unnecessary files.

Even if a scan shows very few results, that is not a sign of things not going as planned. Simply put, it shows that a computer is already in good shape, and the few files removed can make a slight improvement as well. Only computers that have not been scanned in a while, or at all, will likely yield some pretty large and surprising results. Most people get a pretty good idea of how many results they should expect based on how much the computer has slowed down.

What is the top CCleaner alternative to speed up a computer or laptop in 2020?

Major upgrades over the years put Iolo System Mechanic at the top of the list of alternatives. Iolo is constantly making improvements to ensure that everything on offer is easy to use, efficient, and capable of providing excellent value for every customer. Whether it is extending the life of a computer or simply saving a trip to the local computer repair shop, a simple download can make a pretty big difference.

CCleaner continues to be a huge name in the industry, and everything they provide makes it a solid value overall. Unlike System Mechanic, the value is limited by the low number of PCs you can service under one license.

Those interested in trying out System Mechanic can do so by downloading the free trial version. From there, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the Standard, Pro, or Ultimate Defense version for maximum performance, protection and privacy features.

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