What Tech Do Designers Use to Make a Casino Game?


Designers use the latest technology to bring you the great games you see at real money casinos in 2021. It is complex to the average person who simply wants to visit a casino and play a top game but you may want to find out a bit more about what goes into the design of a casino game. Continue below as you will discover more about the tech designers use to make a casino game.

Coding plays a significant role in the design of casino games. Python and C++ are two examples of programming languages used by casino game developers. Some casino games are now being created in virtual reality thanks to platforms including Unreal engine and Unity, which you may have seen before in video game design.

However, Flash and HTML5 technology still remains an integral part of casino game design and allows casino games to be played on multiple devices. In the modern world, many people choose to play casino games using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet and Flash and HTML5 make that happen smoothly. Not everyone uses the same internet browser and designers use Flash and HTML5 technology to ensure the casino game can be played on various browsers.

One of the most important factors of any online casino game is fairness. That is where Random number generators come into play and a RNG is an algorithm that uses random numbers to provide players with a fair online casino gaming experience. Basically, a RNG helps to generate a different result each time the casino game is played, meaning the game is random and does not depend on anything that has happened beforehand. It would not be possible to have online casino games for real money without RNG’s and this tech plays an important role in the design of casino games.

In order to play a real money casino game, players need to add funds to their account and that is where blockchain technology has started to play a big role. Rather than having to transfer money from a back account using a card or eWallet, it is now possible to play a casino game using cryptocurrencies. This is the most secure way to add funds to an online gambling account and online casino game developers are having to keep this in mind when designing the latest games.

In terms of live casino games, designers will use a range of technology, including a gaming control unit. A GCU is attached to the table being used for the live casino game and the dealer can use it to see an overview of what is happening on the table. A GCU is also used to guide dealers as to when they can draw the next card or spin the roulette wheel. Optical camera recognition technology is also used to bring live casino games to life. It records all the activity taking place during the live stream of the game and allows players to communicate with the dealer in real time.

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