Which platform is best for social media marketing?


Social promotion is all about knowing your audience, which includes both current and potential customers. A great social media marketer will know how to work with the data available about your brand and your product or service, and apply that to work best for you across the most appropriate social media channels. Find a Social Media Marketing agency near me.

While many of us - nearly 4 billion of us - use social media regularly in our personal lives, an effective social media marketing campaign is more delicate. That’s why it’s best left to the experts to work out if your brand is best represented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or one of the newer platforms.


Facebook is the world’s most recognisable and most established social media platform. With 2.74 billion active monthly users, it is also the most popular.

One thing that sets Facebook apart from some of the other platforms is the age range of users: more than 25% of Facebook’s users in the UK are between 25 and 35. Few teens have an active account, but it is unlikely that a solvent adult won’t use Facebook regularly: one stat found that 74% of high earners actively use the platform.

With stats like that, it’s easy to see why it is imperative that your company has a Facebook page. A listing on Facebook is as essential as a spot in the Yellow Pages used to be!

Even if your company doesn’t identify with the average Facebook user, it’s worth having your contact info listed, and making sure your social media manager checks regularly enough to keep ahead of any opportunities or threats.

Social media marketing on Facebook may include competitions that you ask your followers to share, or it may simply be a conversation starter, such as a question you put to your audience or a poll. Facebook also uses Stories, though these are less intrinsic to the platform than they are on Instagram.


It’s hard to believe, but Instagram has already been around for more than a decade. The app was bought by Facebook in 2012. A significantly younger population uses Instagram: the majority of users are under the age of 34, and it is the second most popular app among teens, after Snapchat.

This could mean that, depending on who your customer base is, your brand could be better represented on Instagram than Facebook.

A social media marketer will be able to put your budget to good use, sourcing beautiful photographs to use alongside relevant captions and hashtags. They will know just how to analyse the algorithm to get the most out of this visual platform. They may also have an in-depth knowledge of the influencers with reputations to fit your brand’s ethos.

A social influencer is the best way to facilitate word of mouth marketing in the age of social media. Influencers may be an unknown quantity to those who are less familiar with the phenomenon, but they are invaluable when it comes to subtle marketing. A partnership with the right person can help your brand’s message be heard in a whole new realm. And users are already used to this method of marketing: 81% of users research products and services on Instagram before making a purchase.

Stories are one of the biggest pros to posting on Instagram. This is a form of communication that feels intimate and confessional. They are quick to create and humanise your brand, which could lead to an increase in awareness and sales in the long run.


Twitter is notorious for the part it plays in giving voice to high-profile users, but it actually trails in the rankings of most popular platforms. Tik Tok, Pinterest and Snapchat all have a higher rate of monthly users.

However, the key to successful marketing on Twitter is in the demographics. Twitter users tend to be older, and statistics available suggest that more than three quarters of users are higher earners. This could be useful to your social media strategy.

Twitter differs from both Facebook and Instagram in that it doesn’t really have a visual component. It is much more important to get content right in a short, snappy way. While around 90% of Twitter users are happy to engage with company and brand content on the platform, there is also the potential to get things wrong. Plenty of brands have found themselves mocked for what should have been straightforward advertising!

As with both Facebook and Instagram - and with other platforms - a social media marketing expert is the way to go if you think Twitter is right for your business.


Social media is here to stay. Facebook is absolutely vital, and many brands can benefit from having accounts on other customer facing platforms, too. Utilising them to best represent your company is something that a great social media manager will be able to do with ease.

Find a social media professional or agency and rest assured that you have given this delicate task over to someone who knows just what they’re doing.

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