IKIN Brings Hands-on Holographic Content Development Experience to Developers at ITEXPO


Everyone knows the iconic scene from the original Star Wars movie back in 1977, with a holographic image of Princess Leia pleading, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You’re my only hope.”  Since then, people everywhere have dreamed of bringing that kind of 3D engagement to real life and, now, four decades later, it’s finally happening.

Holographic technology developer IKIN announced its Ryz platform two years ago, its first step in creating an interactive, high-quality, and affordable holography ecosystem, including the tools needed to create and interact with holographic environments. 

As Rich Tehrani wrote following an interview with IKIN CTO Taylor Scott, “IKIN’s RYZ product line – comprised of RYZ Framework, RYZ Accessory and RYZ mobile app – delivers volumetric rendering and display to mobile devices, empowering the touch control and inclusion of holograms in nearly any mobile app, game or tool.  Moving beyond existing AR and VR technologies, RYZ displays holograms in ambient light without the use of goggles or other specialized equipment.”

“We are all about creating technology for a better future,” said Michael D’Arminio, IKIN CMO.  “Ryz is ultimately our first commercial launch, but we have thousands of ideas related to that lens of creating a better future.  Our philosophy is, if we can’t do something that is unique and really make a difference, why do it?”

While the concept itself is certainly game-changing, what perhaps most amazing is the company is doing it on a smartphone scale.  Users aren’t going to need large, bulky home hardware for holographic experiences.  The Ryz accessory will be a small add-on to their smartphones, so they can have those experiences everywhere, right in the palms of their hands.

Today’s digital environment is all about increasing emotional engagement, and bringing users from a 2D to a 3D world will undoubtedly take emotional engagement to a new level.

“Brand attraction and interest have incredible value.  But, when you look at today’s younger generation, in particular, their interest factors tends to be low,” explained D’Arminio.  “Though holographic content, brands can create a new emotional engagement factor that will increase interest and attraction.”

How will it happen?  How can developers get in on that emotional engagement journey? 

IKIN University

For the first time, IKIN is bringing its holographic experience directly to developers with its IKIN University Hologram Developer Event, taking place June 22, 2021, at ITEXPO in Miami, Florida.

IKIN already has a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense, through which it will supply 5G holographic smart warehouse technology to the U.S. Marines.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Developers in nearly any industry will now be able to work with the Ryz platform to create their own holographic content.

“We are giving developers their first opportunity to create content that doesn’t rely on glasses or goggles,” said Cody Oakland, IKIN co-founder.  “Right now, all you get is two dimensions, without depth.  We are 3D people living on 2D devices, so there is part of the connection that gets lost for us.”

It’s not just about 3D imagery, though, it’s about a lifelike 3D experience.  For example, if you are looking at an object on your screen, you can’t see what’s behind it, no matter how hard you try.  But, with IKIN’s technology, users will be able to look around that object to see what’s on the other side, just as they would in an in-person environment.

“From a content creation perspective, the sky is the limit,” added Oakland.  “We take the natural world and put it into the technology.  Our solution allows our eyes and brain to view visual experiences the same way we see the natural world.”

At IKIN University @ ITEXPO, IKIN will show various examples and demos of what is possible with holography, allowing developers and others to truly experience first-hand the value of 3D experiences and see the value it will bring to their content, regardless of their industry.

With its platform, IKIN will provide everything developers will need in terms of background, documentation, and support for whatever they want to develop.

“We just want to help them become the best creators of content in a completely new space,” said Oakland.

Importantly, IKIN isn’t making it complicated.  Developers won’t have to learn a new language or platform, because IKIN’s SKD really comes down to making adjustments that will enhance the final product.  Developers already proficient in Unity Development will be on their way to creating holographic content quickly. 

Attendees at IKIN University @ ITEXP0 2021 will be the first to learn about and have access to the tools IKIN is bringing to the developer community.  It means they will have a head start on their competition in creating a new level of emotional engagement – and it’s all part of the introduction at the IKIN University kickoff, exclusively at ITEXPO 2021.

The event will include step-by-step content creation examples, hands-on participation, an opportunity to become part of the IKIN Community Forum with access to IKIN’s  documentation and knowledge base.  There will also be a chance to join a design team and actually try it out, including a competition for prizes in a holographic applications design-off.

Attendance is free for IKIN University, but registration is required.

With everyone fighting for screen, voice, and market share, every developer should want to get ahead of the curve and bring a new level of engagement to their customers and users.

Edited by Erik Linask

Group Editorial Director

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