Why Bitcoin Miners are operating in China and what are the after effects of this interest


History and introduction

Bitcoins Cryptocurrencies has a Lot of concepts that are associated with its formation, usages, networking and system.These terms are very important to understand especially if you are interested in trading or investing in the bitcoin cryptocurrency network, Bitcoin mining is one of those processes that help the bitcoin miners in earning rewards for mining some specific amount of bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is a process that involves a type of concept in which you are said to perform some specific type of mathematical problems that will reward you on successful completion.

The process of mining bitcoin is not as simple as buying or purchasing Bitcoins.. Bitcoins mining is a way more complex and complicated type of process that requires some high end technology from the user.

Bitcoin mining in China

For mining Bitcoins you need to have a special type of computer system along with computer software that can help you in solving mining puzzles. When we successfully solve a puzzle you are awarded in the form of Bitcoins. Mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency and solving these puzzles need some  high technology and computer systems that require high power consumption and are operated on high voltage electricity. That is why most of the mining centres are located in those parts of the countries that are rich in supplying electricity on cheap rates.

This is the main reason why we are seeing the trend of Bitcoin mining increasing day by day in countries like China where cold regions are very high in number. According to a survey that was conducted in the month of April 2020 more than 75% of the overall Bitcoin mining operations are taking place in China because of high call supply and cheap electricity availability in that region.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency miners are attracted to China because it can provide them with cheap and expensive supply of electricity at very affordable rates. If you are interested in learning more about the energy crisis happening in China due to bitcoin mining operations then please visit us at british bitcoin profit.

Surpassing the safety line

However everything is good until a certain limit is hit, same is happening in China when we talk about Bitcoin mining in that country. Elaborate in this point we can see that the overall energy consumption in China is increasing day by day and if this condition will remain unchecked soon the energy crisis and environmental pollution in China will exceed expectations and controls.

Increase in power consumption and pollution

 If the situation of energy consumption by Bitcoin miners will keep on sitting at the same position then according to a prediction in the 2024 the total annual energy consumption by

Bitcoin mining operators will speak out at a level of 297 Twh. This is a very high later consumption level and this can be a threat to the industry and people of China.

This will lead not only to decreased energy consumption but this will also lead to excessive carbon emission out of Bitcoin operating areas and that will speak around 130.5 metric tons per year by the year 2024. This is an extremely alarming situation as this is the limit that surpasses the total greenhouse gas emission that happened in Qatar in 2016.

Following this thread it was seen that Chinese provinces were banned to operate Bitcoin mining because of excessive emission of carbon in that area. The crackdown on Bitcoin mining in China was done so that the energy consumption can be stabilized and the situation can be controlled to an extent.

Looking for alternatives

The increasing of Bitcoin operations in China has led the Bitcoin miners to think about alternative ways of of mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency and this was pretty evident from a statement passed by Mr Nasdaq in which he set that soon we will be shifting to an area where renewable energy sources can be used for Bitcoin mining. As the Bitcoin cryptocurrency trend is increasing Bitcoin mining is also increasing and consequently the consumption of power and energy is also going high and high with every upcoming day.


The need of the hour is to look for other alternative for doing Bitcoin mining because invading a specific country for doing Bitcoin mining is not a smart idea as we have seen in China the crackdown on bit operations has been started in number of provinces and soon it is expected that China will Ban Bitcoin mining the cause of running out of energy and excessive increase in the environmental pollution induced by Bitcoin mining operating systems.

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