Bitcoin breaking its own Records!


The digital world is full of surprises and every upcoming day comes up with new news in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency being the backbone of digital trading and online financing is flying very high these days especially if you talk about one specific cryptocurrency which is touching the sky nowadays. Yes we are talking about the great and amazing Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Let's be realistic.

Only 10 years ago no one could have imagined that in such a short duration of time this Bitcoin cryptocurrency will travel such a long journey with such a Grace and success. Bitcoins were introduced to the public as a type of payment method which is decentralized in nature and which works in peer to peer electronic cash systems.

Even the person presenting Bitcoins was a pseudo anonymous man still people love the concept of Bitcoins and after dealing with their insecurities for a bit people started using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. All the in start Bitcoin cryptocurrency faced some challenges because people were not aware of the proper usage and in some regions people or not able to use Bitcoin cryptocurrency because of restrictions from government officials and other legal considerations.

Talk of the town!

The price and rates of Bitcoin cryptocurrency has always been the talk of the town because some days Bitcoin cryptocurrency is touching the sky and the next day Bitcoins are crawling on the ground. Let's talk about the year 2020-21.

In a statement presented by Reuters it was sent that Bitcoin cryptocurrency being a very elusive and unstable and unpredictable digital money has already crossed its own records not only one time , not even for two times , but for several times on the in 2020-21. Bitcoin cryptocurrency has started going up particularly after the coronavirus pandemic because people seem to invest more in the digital world when the pandemic hits the finance market and everything starts to shut down. Please visit bitcoin prime to know more about this.

Bitcoins continuously Surging

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is now taking its fourth major surge  of 2021 and is now flying above 60000 US dollars and this is the value that it was a never seen before in the history of Bitcoin cryptocurrency network or any other digital currency.

In the last year month of March Bitcoin cryptocurrency was at a price rate of 15000 US dollar which was also considered pretty height price but only a year which country currency has increased to about 1000 % of its original value of last year and now it is setting at a level of 60 thousand US dollars.

Bitcoins flying high

This has attracted a number of markets to invest in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network in recent months. Although in the past Bitcoin experts were expecting that soon Bitcoins would be at a much reputable place, no one saw this type of success coming for Bitcoin cryptocurrency in such a short duration of time. If we talk in the light of recent events and the increasing interest of agencies and big names in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network we can say that in the coming future this interest will last way longer than expected. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is about to hit a level from where there will be no turning back.

Bitcoins increasing price

The increasing rate and price of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is linked with a number of factors one of these factors is the Tesla car company which bought about 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins in the month of January. According to resources , Tesla has no plans of selling its Bitcoins anytime soon.

This has triggered a surge in the price and rates of Bitcoins at a much early time as ever expected. Although there are many other events and circumstances that laid the base for the Bitcoins to touch a figure of 60,000 USD. This may seem unrealistic a year back but this type of bullish market trend has proved that anything can be expected from the Bitcoins at any time, because as they say Bitcoins is like a luck charm, very lucky for you and comes with a charm but only if the situation is in your favor.


This is a high time for the world to accept that Bitcoins are the future and they must be included in the mainstream in all parts of the World. Although there are many countries that are allowing their residents to trade in Bitcoins but still there is a wide gap in many parts of the World that is yet to be filed. This gap is mainly because government of many countries is afraid of illegal activities that can cause some serious damage to the economy by money laundry and black money.

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