How does geolocation tech work?


Arguments surrounding geolocation technology can be rather divisive and controversial at times, although one could argue that it has been designed to help improve user experience in a number of ways.

Whilst there will be individuals that do not like the technology being able to pinpoint and map out where they are in the world, the service can be used to help provide them with some of the absolute best and most accurate results when looking for certain things, and cant currently deny that this technology is experiencing “boom” as no other in the current century.

What is geolocation technology?

When thinking of a simple definition for geolocation, it can be described as being the geographical location of an internet-connected device. This could be via the use of a smartphone and geolocation services can be used when the right permissions have been set within any potential app that has been download.

How does geolocation technology work?

There are numerous different ways in which geolocation technology works, although it is simply the act of gathering data together to provide users with an outcome that can locate where they are or where they need to be.

The main type of data collection that can be used is called ‘Device-based data collection’ and this is done via GPS and cellular networks. These are typically available on mobile devices such as smartphones, and this can be rather accurate in places where there are more people as it would be easier to locate.

‘Server-based data collection’ is via the use of a device’s network and IP address that passes through a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Advantages of Geolocation technology

Indeed, there are different things geolocation technology can be used for, with directions perhaps being one of the biggest ones. The technology will be able to locate where the user is and will then be able to plot an accurate - and potentially fastest - route that can be taken.

The technology can also be used in advantageous circumstances such as shopping, as it can help to locate places nearby or it can help to provide relevant data, such as needs that a city might need.

Geolocation technologies can also be used by legal online casinos in the US as they will be able to market to a potential market base within a certain state whereby gambling is legal; rather than potentially waste time, resources and money on trying to attract a client base that would be unable to use their services.

Disadvantages of Geolocation technology

Although there are great benefits to using geolocation services, there are also some disadvantages to overall concept of geolocation.

Indeed, many will find that they are unable to access certain services because of the technology, such as trying to watch a TV channel in a country where it is not allowed or visiting an online casino where it is not legal or regulated.

Other concerns that some have may be that they feel they are “being watched”, whilst others will feel more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, or being bombarded by local advertisements that they have no interest in when browsing the internet.

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