2021 ITEXPO Idea Showcase-Presenters and Winners


Day 2 ITEXPO ended with the 2021 Idea Showcase, where tech startup leaders are judged to determine the best presentation for their ideas:

Perfect Medical Interview:Presented by David Hartmann: an conversational AI based software system that can make medical diagnoses as well as doctors.  The application would allow AI to make accurate predictions at cost effective rates, and can be used without preexisting patient data.

bundleIQ:Presented by Nickolas Mohnacky-an IOS application using AI assistance to offer knowledge to users in real time. Described as “grammarly” for knowledge. Hopes to cut back on redundant work and build on prior knowledge.

NAV (Not A Victim)-Safety In Style:Presented By Tracey Knight-an app/bracelet that, using mobile sensors, allows users to send out personal information in emergency situations without physically using a phone.

Linguando:Presented by Dan Rosenrousch-allows mobile users to learn languages within the app by connecting with native language speakers when traveling abroad.

XiByte:Presented by Satyam Ramphal :allows business clients to use algorithms to devise finance, marketing, and legal strategies for company growth through data and integration partnerships.


Dinerazo:Presented byAaron Chavez- -a spanish first-person personal finance education application that allows Latinos to improve their financial literacy.


Wayru:Presented By Charvel Chedraul-creating wide internet coverage to low income areas in latin america through a distributed ownership model, allowing the cost of deployment to drop significantly. 

MAGIIS:Presented By Leonardo Gannio-a platform solution that allows mobility business customers to automate and scale operations.


And the winners are...

Audience Choice Winner- 1)XiByte   2)Wayru 3)SOAP

Judges Choice Winner:     1) bundleIQ

Edited by Luke Bellos

Editor, TechZone360

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