How to Know the Next Big Cryptocurrency


In 2008, Satoshi Nakomoto created the giant cryptocurrency known as bitcoin. When many people slammed the innovative idea, some saw promise in the concept and invested in it. Since its inception, the people who supported and held their trust in bitcoin are now millionaires because of the high profit the coin yielded.

If someone had invested a hundred dollars in bitcoin when it was created, the person would be worth a hundred million dollars now. That is the power of the crypto market. A trader or investor must know which coin or token is promising. Ethereum didn't worth much as of late 2019. However, if someone had invested ten dollars in Ethereum as of early 2019, the person would be worth more than ten thousand dollars now.

The crypto market is very volatile, however, very lucrative. Many people don't enjoy the market's profits because they don't have the proper insight. Another way to make excellent money in the crypto market is for a trader or an investor to know which coin is the next big thing.

Investing in these big coins wouldn't yield as much profit as they had done. They will probably only cause more loss. This is where the small coins come in. But, how can one know the next big coin among the minor currencies? The following are some of the things to look for in the developing currencies to determine if they will yield profits or dead projects.

Supply Factor

 All the cryptocurrencies have a limit to which they can be supplied through mining. For instance, only 21 million bitcoin can be provided through mining and used. Once this limit has been reached, new tokens on any coin will not be produced again.

Before investing in any coin, you must research the total supply and the current circulation. When the supply is fixed, and interest is maintained, there is a high possibility that the coin's price would go up. That way, you will know that investing in such a coin will yield profit.

Volume and Price of Trade

The price and volume of a token or coin would determine whether it would be helpful or not in the future. The coin with the increasing volume and price has the greater boost of growth. Researching the currency with the most volume and token will give investors a good idea of which coin has the most investor interest at the time.

You can check the price and volumes of coins by using trading bots. Bots like BITQL, which can be accessed through the BitQL app, Pionex, and others, would help you determine which coin has the most prove ad volume.


Savvy investors look into the price of tokens before they invest. When looking for the next big currency, considering the cost of the token is very important. For instance, an intelligent investor would use five thousand dollars to buy perhaps XRP and BUSD rather than buying Bitcoin. Why? It is simple. XRP and BUSD are small coins compared to Bitcoin, and if they bring their returns, it would be higher than what Bitcoin would get.


The potential for growth of a coin is another way you can know how big a coin would be in the nearest future. At the beginning of 2018, the ripple coin made a massive leap in growth, and due to this, it has an enormous prospect for adoption. Before investing, you should research as regards the possibility of the adoption of a cryptocurrency.

Ripple, for instance, has an underlying system of settlement technology that has a promise which intrigues the central bank and other financial institutions.


The next big coin in the crypto market is just lying in the background, waiting for who would be lucky enough to invest before the big break. Anyone can be a part of it, but you must first identify which coin will be the next Bitcoin. Adopting the things that we have mentioned might lead you to the next big thing. Who says you can't be the lucky investor?

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