Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs EHS Software


EHS stands for a set of Environmental, Health and Safety rules and regulations that must be followed by all staff members. In certain countries, like the United Kingdom and their European counterparts, it is sometimes referred to as SHE but the two terms are interchangeable. And Ehs software is software to help you digitise your company’s EHS policy.

1. Why Use EHS Software?

An EHS compliance software system will allow you to digitise all your health and safety documents instantaneously and will allow for data to be entered either in the office or remotely. This means that the software makes legal compliance a lot easier as we enter a more digital world.

2. Reducing Human Error

Without a great ESH strategy and software, while human error is a fact of life, it can also mean the difference between an employees’ life or death. A good ESH policy will help employees to perform tasks in a safer way as well as reducing human error. A good ESH software provider will help you ensure that reports don’t get misfiled while also lowering the chances of employees missing risks.

3. Good EHS Software Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Productivity is essential to your company’s bottom line and EHS software will help health and safety professionals take care of the more humdrum report filing and tasks which will give these individuals more time to concentrate on the tasks that they feel will drive change in your company from an EHS perspective.

4. EHS Software Increases Ease of Reporting

On the subject of increasing productivity, EHS software will allow you to streamline Health and Safety reporting. Certain parts of the reports will be automated, really increasing ease of use.

Not only does it make the Health and Safety personnel’s reporting process easier, but it also helps these reports to be easily viewed on an automated system. They no longer have to read through hefty paper manuals, but they can access the information that applies to them instantly on their smartphone or other mobile device.

5. Which EHS Software Should You Choose?

There are currently quite a few EHS Software options to choose from. One of our favourites is Capptions because it allows you to start right away. And if your business is growing, this software will grow with you. They have various pricing options that will depend on the size of your business, and you can always change plans if the size of your business changes.          

There are many others that’s also great to use, depending on what your needs are. Other popular options include iAuditor, Accuvio, Enablon, Pro-Sapien and Workhub. It’s worth spending some time doing your research to ensure that you choose the right software solution for your business.

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