Digital Trends to Consider for Increased Eyewear Sales Online


According to experts, the eyewear market is projected to generate 11% of its total revenue via online sales by 2021. Focusing on growing an optical business or company to turn into a memorable brand that people trust is more important than ever before. Since effective marketing and advertisement can help you grab the attention of more new customers, you should also consider the latest digital trends to amazingly boost your sales and profit margins.

Below are some current digital trends that you must excel at to increase eyewear sales online.

AI-Based Recommenders

Effective product visualization and facial analysis of customers are the major components of an eyewear recommendation engine, but alone they both are not enough to provide customers with appropriate recommendations. You should also incorporate customers' preferences, individual needs, recent purchases, search history, and data generated by chatbots to provide them with more accurate and highly personalized recommendations. When consumers get personalized recommendations from a brand or company, they are more likely to buy from it. Whether you sell stylish Ray Ban sunglasses or prescription sunglasses online, provide your customers with AI based recommendations on your website to help them make wise buying decisions.

Guided Selling

Digital wizards that guide customers with the step-by-step selection of services or products based on their frame and lenses preferences are popular among modern consumers. Facial recognition technology is also used in such wizards as it recognizes customers’ face shapes and recommended appropriate sunglasses that fit their faces. You must also promote guided selling on your eyewear business website to simplify the purchase decision of customers online.

Video Content

Creating short but interesting and informative videos is one of the modern trends in the market that helps brands and companies promote their products effectively while educating customers online. you as an eyewear brand should also create informative video content and publish it on website or YouTube channel as a resource for your customers. For instance, you can create how-to videos for people struggling with inputting their prescriptions into online POSs to help them complete the process efficiently. Furthermore, you can also get more shares for your interesting videos across social media to get your brand in front of a broader audience.

Social Media Engagement

Things like native shopping on social media sites like Instagram & Pinterest, customers reviews, ratings, and user-generated content are some of the popular digital trends that eyewear brands and companies must excel in. Along with promoting your products like Ray Ban sunglasses on social media profiles, you should also utilize social selling options to help your customers buy on your social media outlets. In this way, you can secure more sales while increasing social media engagement for your brand. You can also create paid social media ads to target a specific audience to present them with highly personalized ads.

Customer Experience Online

Marketing and promotion may grab the attention of new customers, but providing them with an excellent experience online can keep them coming back for repeat purchases. Since more and more customers are shifting to online shopping, you should provide them better experience across all your digital channels like business websites, social media profiles, and mobile apps, etc. Try to engage your customers in a positive and friendly way and respond to their queries as soon as possible. Incorporating chatbots in your customer services endeavours could also be a great way to make your eyewear brand available and accessible 24/7. You should also educate your staff to recommend appropriate frames and lenses that fit best for each customer’s face type and individual requirements.

Final Words

In this digital landscape, getting more sales online is one of the core objectives of every business or brand. If you also want to boost your eyewear sales online, you should incorporate above mentioned digital trends into your marketing strategy to reach, connect and convert more customers efficiently.

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