IT Support Trends In 2021


We are at a point in history where we can easily stay in touch and remain productive even if we are not near each other and not present on the worksite. All this has been made possible with the help of information technology. Its introduction has ushered us into an era that many of our ancestors had not even dreamt of.

Businesses, their employees, and their customers have started relying more and more on IT in more than one way. IT has completely changed the way we function and has given a good overhaul to the system that should work 24/7. This is the reason why companies should care about their IT infrastructure.

The help desk software market share is projected to reach $11 billion by 2023. Most of the IT support trends follow the proven IT support practices that help promptly resolve employees’ or customers’ user issues (L1) and technical issues (L2, L3) of software or IT infrastructure. Level 1 consists of customer requests that can be resolved with limited IT support, Level 2 serves to resolve IT infrastructure and/or application issues, and Level 3 involves subject matter professionals to devise solutions to complex customer needs. Let us discuss the best IT support trends in the year 2021.

Reinforcement of cybersecurity

Digital technology may not be as safe as you think. It often bears the brunt of various breaches in communication channels and other platforms. No one would like to end up in situations like data theft by cyber hackers. So, build your base and improve upon your cybersecurity.

The system should have the capability to keep all your devices like tablets, laptops, and phones protected at all times. Cyber attacks can come at any time, making it essential that you remain prepared for that time.

Using the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is simply a network of physical objects that have inbuilt software, sensors, and various technologies which lets them connect and exchange user data with the help of the internet. In the IT industry, it is being used for controlling all the computers and other devices on the network from a single location.

This feature is especially useful in times of Covid-19. Your present systems should have IoT embedded in them to make good use of this trend. Some benefits of having IOT enable for your systems are:

1.     Less time to complete more work.

2.     Have information at your fingertips.

3.     Efficiency in all tasks.

4.     Time is utilized in a better manner.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has quickly become popular in the IT industry. It is basically when you are provided with computer system resources whenever there is a demand for it. Resources like computing power and data storage are the most common ones. The user does not actively manage these resources, which saves him time and effort.

The location of the user also does not have any role to play whatsoever. You can store all your data and information on the cloud without breaking a sweat. IT support is in awe of this facility since it acts as a boon for them since they can now take charge of the information being transmitted to them. Additionally, they are seeing a good improvement in the retrieval system and a significant reduction in data loss.

If you decide to go for cloud computing, you need to ensure the cybersecurity measures are robust enough. We have discussed cybersecurity systems earlier  in this article as well. You can gain access to your information easily without being concerned about the primary storage space.

Use mobile apps

Much of the work we do is now being done while we are moving. Workers can stay updated on their tasks while getting a doctor’s appointment or waiting for their spouse in a car. We are no longer bound by the office space and can take our work with us.

So, companies have started nudging their IT departments to make sure that all software and programs are mobile-friendly as well. Cloud has made this transition easier since the data need not be stored on bulky hard drives but can be accessed from your phone with the help of cloud systems.

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