The Mac's "Other" Storage: What Does It Mean?


Mac's users know that free space on their computers is precious, especially for those people who have just 256GB or only 128GB SSD. You have to know that if the storage is almost full, the computer won't work fast and you may experience various problems like freezing, crashing, etc. To avoid these unpleasant and irritating issues, you must know everything about your device's storage, how it's built and how it's used.

For any user, it's quite important to free up space, especially in those cases if you want to install new updates for your operating system. Of course, in this case, you will need to remove a big amount of files to free up some space. Apart from that storage where you used to keep photos, music, videos, and other documents, you need to be informed about the other storage which can take a lot of space even without you knowing. In our article, we'll provide you with important information about the other storage and explain why you need to delete documents from there to make your computer work faster.

Why Do We Need Other Storage?

You understand how all documents are saved on the device, so you may be interested why the Mac needs the other storage and which types of files are saved there. To say simply, the other storage is created to keep all the documents that don't fit any other categories like  audio, applications, documents, music, photos, video, etc. All cached, temporary, and any other types of documents are saved here. Of course, not just all the documents here are garbage, but over time, they may clog the computer, causing unpleasant problems like freezing, crashing apps, etc. To prevent this, you have to check the other storage from time to time and remove unnecessary documents from there.

Is It Safe to Remove Other Files?

Please be informed that you have to be careful when deleting something from the other storage. When you remove some files from installations, it's not a problem but when you are going to cache documents, you have to understand what to remove. For example, it's ok to remove cache files from some old application you do not use anymore. But removing the same from the application you use currently will provide problems with preferences and many other important things. It means if you don't know why your computer needs a particular file, it's better to leave it in place. Needless to say, before deleting something, it's better to create a full backup of your device to avoid any serious problems. It means you can always backup to the current version without any damage.

Getting Rid of Other Documents

Usually, you delete any files by clicking on each of them and then choosing "Remove to Trash". After this, don't forget to empty the Trash to delete all the documents from the device. But you should understand that removing some types of files cannot be completed fully using this simple method. Some hidden files or those documents that may leave some tracks even after manual removal need to be erased using special software. You can find many Mac cleaners online and download these programs on your computer. It's simple to use: the smart software will just scan the Mac and suggest removing those documents that can be deleted just in one click without any damage and problems for your work.

If you're interested to get more useful data about deleting documents from the Mac's other storage, feel free to find the needed info here. We hope that our article was helpful and useful.

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