New Bill Requires Automakers to Development Drunk Driving Prevention Tech


The fact that drunk driving is still a common occurrence in 2021 is, frankly, depressing, especially when one considers the resources available (Uber,Lyft) which can easily reduce these cases. As if having a readily available solution to this problem wasn’t enough, the media regularly publishes stories about fatal drunk driving accidents, which alone should make people aware of the consequences of such action.

After decades of continued instances and lack of progress on the matter, the government is attempting to resolve drunk driving once and for all. The recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill has included a mandate which requires all U.S. automakers to develop drunk driving prevention tech for cars. When the bill is officially signed on Monday, automakers will have until 2026 to comply with the new rule.

Considering the technological achievements over the last decade alone, this may not be as challenging as some suspect. Installed car breathalyzers for convicted drunk drivers are already a reality, although they aren’t used on a national scale. Some commentators have suggested options like skin sensors to measure alcohol levels, or even camera filters to analyze behavior behind the wheel. And with self-driving cars on the horizon, drivers may be able to refrain from driving manually altogether, which could seriously reduce driving-related deaths due to intoxication.

Drunk driving has plagued our society for far too long, and can easily be stopped through collective effort in the auto industry. Manufacturers should have little difficulty devising a strategy to meet the requirements of this mandate, especially due to solutions already existing. If automakers are truly serious about the safety and wellbeing of citizens, this will be a priority moving forward.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, TechZone360

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