Is VR the future of the online casino experience?


The gambling industry has gone through some drastic changes throughout the years. In the past, if you wanted a gambling fix, you had to travel to the nearest land-based gambling establishment to play your favourite casino games. The advent of technology was and remains the driving force that helped the gambling industry evolve. During the 1990s, the Internet exploded in popularity, leading to the enormous growth of the online gambling industry.

During the early years, players could choose from a limited number of gambling sites. However, it quickly became apparent that running a web-based casino was a very prosperous business. Consequently, several people decided to enter the market and start up a virtual casino. At the moment, the market is highly competitive, with several online casino NZ options for players to enjoy.

Keeping updated with the latest technology trends is also vital for successful casino operators. It seems that virtual reality (VR) is the newest tech making a splash in the online gambling industry. Even though this technology is pretty new, it has established itself in different walks of life for training purposes. The gambling industry has also successfully implemented virtual reality, trying to attract new players.

How Virtual Reality Can Change Online Gambling

Some gambling sites have already embraced virtual reality technology. Although there isn’t a lot of choice, the online casinos that offer VR gaming options are licensed and trustworthy. However, industry experts believe that it will not take long until more VR online casinos appear on the market. More and more people are buying VR headsets and accessories, meaning that such casinos will be attractive to many people. The global VR gambling industry is on track to grow from $0.4 billion in 2017 to $2.4 billion by 2024.

Virtual casinos are likely to attract the attention of gamers and people over the age of 30. Additionally, VR casinos offer more than just 3D animations. They offer players a lifelike casino experience welcoming them to a live casino floor. VR casinos allow bettors to interact with each other thanks to a live chat feature. Some online operators are also seeking the opportunity to implement VR to offer a unique betting experience.

Lots of people believe virtual reality and augmented reality are essentially the same thing. However, these are different things. Virtual reality tries to immerse people in an artificial experience by completely removing the real world. Augmented reality, on the other hand, overlays virtual images to your view of the real world. There is also no need for special equipment for augmented reality.

In addition to the numerous benefits, VR casinos offer, it is also likely that avid casino fans will spend more time and money on gambling.

VR Casino Games

VR is still in its early stages. However, casino enthusiasts can still experience some exciting and nail-biting slots and table games. Well-known software company NetEnt was the first to introduce a VR slot: Gonzo’s Quest VR.

The number of games available will snowball over the next few years as VR continues to develop.

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