Why Use an Auto Dialer for Your Call Center?


Outbound call centers typically run multiple campaigns for a variety of clients. The services vary. They may be doing cold calling to generate more leads. They can be following up and providing news and information to current inbound leads. For some clients, they can be running surveys and market research. 

In the past, BPOs used manual dialing, which was a tedious process that took too much time, causing call center agents to lose valuable productive hours, as they spent more time dialing than actually talking with clients. Aside from the dialing, the agents spend time waiting for someone to pick up the call or deal with busy signals, no answers, rerouting to answering machines, and disconnected numbers. 

Thus, outbound call centers require an efficient and effective method to increase productivity. They look for the most effective tool that will save time, like a solution that will automate the calling process. An auto dialer software can potentially improve agent productivity by 200 to 300 percent, reducing idle time, conversely increasing the agent's talk time. 

Benefits of using an auto dialer

Various companies offer different auto dialers to fit the outbound calling needs of several companies. Each type of auto dialing program provides other benefits to the operation of a call center. You can learn more about each class by visiting https://www.convoso.com/products/autodialer-software/. Briefly, you can use a predictive dialer if you want to increase productivity and reduce agents' idle time. If you are after increasing the agent's talk time, you can use a progressive dialer. Finally, a preview dialer helps agents improve their conversion rate as they can tailor their conversation through the advanced information the system provides the software. 

Here are more benefits:

  • Improves the efficiency of your call center operation. Using an auto dialing system eliminates the manual dialing method. Likewise, it minimizes call drops, misdialing, and lengthy wait times that affect a company's operational efficiency. Automating the process ensures that agents will only get connected calls because the system detects all situations that prevent the agent from handling live calls. 
  • It reduces the agent's idle time. Manual dialing increases the idle time of each agent. Instead of the agent spending most of their time dialing multiple numbers hoping that someone will pick up the call, the system does all the routine steps, allowing the agents to wait and accept live calls. The process ensures that each agent can attend to more calls during their shift.
  • It increases the talk time of each agent. For most outbound call centers, productivity is critical. Many clients want assurance that the call center reaches a target. It can get its required target with an auto dialer, primarily when the center uses a predictive dialer. It increases talk time, which leads to better customer engagement. Conversely, it increases agent productivity and heightens their morale. 
  • Increases lead conversion. A preview dialer, for example, provides the agent with important information about a customer. It gives the agent some time to prepare for the call. A preview dialer is valuable for communication with high-value leads. The agent can personalize the conversation, engage with the prospect longer, and increase the chances of converting the lead into a loyal customer. 
Auto dialers provide call center operators with plenty of benefits to ensure their services fit the needs of their customers. Likewise, it streamlines its business operations, providing high-quality service and meeting its clients' expectations. 

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