9 Working Ways to Increase the Security of Your Apartment


Many people are concerned about the question of how you can protect your apartment from theft. After all, you want to be calm and confident in the safety of your property and personal safety. And it is true, this issue should not be neglected, especially on the eve of the summer season. We have decided to share with you the reliable variants of protection of your home from uninvited guests, because not everyone uses the services of a security agency.

Use a video intercom

Many people underestimate video intercoms and think they are only used for convenience. This statement is wrong. The fact is that the intercom system allows you to see the person who intends to visit you. Thus, you can eliminate the possibility of imitating the voice of an intruder. There are also video intercoms with the ability to record video and transfer it to your smartphone. This will help when you are away from home.

Set a timer to turn the lights on and off

This device can be one of the helpers in the security of your apartment. A light timer helps to create the effect of the owners presence in the house by turning the lights on and off at a set time. So you can relax in the evening or when you're away for a longer period of time.

Get motion sensors

Motion sensors can catch a would-be burglar by surprise when the light suddenly comes on. The basic principle is that any body heated to a certain temperature emits infrared rays. 36.6 ° C is the ideal temperature for this. As soon as a stranger enters the sensor's field of vision, your cell phone receives a notification. By the way, modern sensors can easily distinguish a person from a pet, so you do not have to worry about this.

Talk to your neighbors

If your neighbors talk to each other, you are lucky. Thefts are generally much less common in this type of house because the vigilance of your neighbors makes them less likely.

Do not neglect this method - get acquainted with your neighbors, those who live upstairs and downstairs, exchange phone numbers, ask them to inform you if they notice anything suspicious.

Install handles with locks on the windows, put a protective film on the Windows

To protect your windows from intrusion, try installing special handles with locks that lock from the inside. It is much harder to open such a construction.

Another way to insure against theft is to make a film armored glass. A layer of 4.7 mm thick is able to protect the glass even from an axe blow. In addition, you can choose a film with a mirror reflection - burglars will not be able to see the contents of the apartment and explore the situation.

Put an answering machine on the phone

The surest way to make sure no one is in the house is to ring the doorbell. In this case, apartment owners should install a bell with an answering machine that mimics a dog barking. It may seem too easy, but the barking of a dog at the door will definitely deter burglars.

Install disconnect sensors

You can install disconnect sensors on the windows and doors of your apartment. The principle of the device is very simple: when an uninvited guest enters the house, a loud sound signal goes off and the device sends a text message to the owner's phone.

There are also glass break sensors. A big plus of all these devices is that they are relatively inexpensive.

Check your mailbox

Burglars tend to be attentive to little things. For example, if the mailbox is overflowing, it means that the owners of the apartment have been absent for a long time. If you plan to go on a long trip, it is better to leave the keys to the mailbox with your neighbors and ask them to take out the correspondence regularly.

Do not share personal information in social networks and with unfamiliar people

It has long been known that many criminals act on a tip. Social media is one such method today. Many people share information about their plans, whereabouts and travels. If you want to increase the guarantee of your own safety, it is worth less publicly about yourself.

Other than that, don't leave such messages on your answering machine or share your plans with the concierge. And always use safety systems. It may help you one day and you will be grateful for your precaution.

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