Wipro and Celonis Jointly Unveil Supply Chain Solution


IT consulting and business solution company Wipro Limited and execution management system developer Celonis recently announced the launch of the Supply Chain Command Center, a new solution designed to transform supply chain operations through automation, data analytics, and risk management.

The Supply Chain Command Center consolidates a number of highly advanced business applications into a single management platform, allowing businesses to gain better control over supply chain responsibilities and make continuous improvements. For instance, business customers can utilize automation features to pinpoint process inefficiencies in real time, so operations can be adjusted quickly for more efficient workflows. Users can also leverage analytical tools to gain new insights about internal procedures, allowing business leaders to devise new growth strategies.

“Supply Chain Command Center solution is our new joint offering that is helping enterprises optimize their supply chain management transformation initiatives,” commented Amit Puri, Global VP & Head  BPO & Managed Services, Celonis. “The powerful combination of Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) with Wipro’s domain expertise and advanced augmented intelligence capabilities of Wipro Holmes, enables us to unlock faster value for our customers across every industry segment and accelerate supply chain transformation through data-driven business execution.”

As a result of slow business activity brought on by post-pandemic conditions, businesses are attempting to boost growth potential by moving beyond previous working habits. With the support of the Supply Chain Command Center, company leaders can incorporate the latest tech advancements to streamline operations and devise more intelligent supply chain strategies to gain additional traction in 2022.

“Supply chain management has long been a priority for global businesses, but the need to transform the supply chain has dramatically increased due to the pandemic,” added Harish Dwarkanhalli, President - Applications & Data, iDEAS, Wipro Limited. “Our joint solution enables businesses to reimagine and retransform the supply chain process, using data and process intelligence across large transformation projects. We are pleased to partner with Celonis to bring this innovative solution to companies around the globe.”

Edited by Luke Bellos

Editor, TechZone360

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