PayPal, Neteller or Skrill - which is the best e-wallet for iGaming?


There are many elements that make up a great casino site. Some of these aspects are obvious to the customer while others have an important role to play behind the scenes.

Nobody can deny the essential nature of things such as gambling licenses, game selection and customer services. But one of the most necessary parts of a gambling brand is the payment options.

It is the most basic connection between the customer and the casino. Without money in their accounts, players cannot enjoy the games on offer. Moreover, the casino brands can't hold out much hope of making any profit.

Some popular payment methods

There are many innovative and clever ways to get cash moving between the customer and the casino. And one of the oldest and still perhaps the most secure is to send a wire transfer.

Bank transfers have the benefit of human interaction for security clearance and to make sure that all funds are coming and going correctly. But with all this added security comes a delay. And for that reason, many players choose to opt for other methods.

Other very popular options are debit and credit cards. Although in the UK, credit card payments are no longer possible due to legal changes in recent times.

Debit cards can move money into your casino account within minutes. And you can withdraw it back the other way in just a couple of days. There are admin processes that can slow the operation considerably. But over the last couple of years, most top casinos have made it their priority to cut down on these admin delays. And they are trying to get the customers their money as soon as possible.


One of the comparatively newer forms of payment is electronic wallets. These fantastic digital products allow you to store your money on the cloud. And you can use it whenever you want at the click of a button. Cash that sits in your electronic wallet has already been accounted for and so there are no unnecessary delays when shifting it on to its destination.

There are high-security protocols in place. And this makes e-wallets one of the safest ways to make casino deposits.

Around the turn of the century, three separate companies entered the e-wallet market. And since then, they have all gone on to become extremely well known and trusted among their fans.

PayPal casino

PayPal is perhaps the best-known brand on the market. This isn't just due to activity in the casino niche. It was an extremely popular way for small businesses to start accepting online payments as the e-commerce industry began to boom in the late 90s and early 2000s.

PayPal has elements that work in a very similar way to its competitors. For example, you can receive cash from other people or you can add funds yourself to create a balance within your PayPal account.

When you wish to make a payment at any online store, including a casino, you simply need to enter your PayPal login and that is as far as the customer involvement goes. It's extremely fast and remains one of the most secure payment methods available.

But a PayPal deposit has an added extra up its sleeve. And that is that you can attach your bank account to your PayPal account. This means that rather than topping funds up, you can simply make a payment directly through your bank or debit card. This is without needing to enter sensitive information at the checkout. And it gives PayPal a real edge over all the competition.


One of PayPal's largest competitors is Neteller. This company was created around the same time and had the vision to simplify casino payments specifically.

It is now one of the most used electronic wallets in the niche with millions of customers making transactions every single day.

You can make high-value transfers with this product. But it does come at a cost. There is a 2.5% fee to make payments into your Neteller account. And this may be a sticking point for some.


Skrill is the other big name brand in the digital wallet game. These guys do exactly the same as Neteller but at a lower cost. There is only a 1% fee to top up your account. But it does mean that transaction limits are lower.

As with all these electronic payment systems, you can make payments in various currencies and they are accepted all over the world.

Are PayPal casinos better?

You can’t deny that a PayPal casino UK probably has the edge over the competition. And Fortunately, the popular UK gambling guide has compiled all the UK licensed PayPal casino sites. So if you are looking to find the latest PayPal games, then look no further.

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