How Has Technology Helped Homegrown Brands?


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The pandemic has seen a particular surge in small businesses and homegrown brands by people who are not related to any kind of business. While many might find their dream enterprise, handling it might be a little difficult. So, you should know a few ways how technology can help your homegrown brands to grow.

1. Advertising

The internet is a great blessing. Use social media very seriously for advertising your products that is key to developing a label. Social media sites like instagram and facebook have proven to be great platforms for business promotion in recent times and have created a holistic community between sellers and buyers. So, if you are already active there, you can utilize your pre-existent presence to promote your brand and gather followers. However, if the algorithm confuses you, you can always go for promotional posts where you pay the site, namely facebook, to promote your product. You can also organize lives to show your target customers your products in real time. Digital marketing has become crucial.

2. Branding

Behind advertising, lies a process of branding- the USP of your business. When having a business online is easy, many must be doing it. So, it is necessary that you find a unique cause and stick to it. Adopt something that people find relatable and easy to understand. Like sustainability in clothing brands. The urban middle-class these days prefer homegrown sustainable brands over high or fast fashion. So, the internet can help you to be updated with the trends and market patterns. All you need is to keep an open eye.

3. Sourcing

Gathering raw materials is also used by online shopping. Moreover, if your trade involves artisans, you can connect with them over social media. Online payment makes the process even easier. Your client gets your product, you get the money but none of you see each other!

4. Post-production

Shooting, labeling and tagging has also been made easy with the internet. All you need is a phone, or a camera and a tripod and time to meticulously go through online tutorials. You know what? Forget about it, just go with your own aesthetic and your customers will definitely relate to your product more than do what celebrities pose for!

Thinking about getting into online business? Use technology like we're asking you to and you are all set!

Author: Neil Hart is an avid gamer who is invested heavily in the world of Digital Humanities. He loves to play story-driven games and has also been an active member of several indie gaming boards. When he is not talking games, you can find him at the local park, playing frisbee with his pet dog, Rex.

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