How to Combat Talent Shortage with the Help of Remote Staffing Agency


The trend toward remote work has been expanding in recent years. This way, businesses seek to decrease personnel expenses and uncover unique specialists. What method of distant work organization do we recommend? Try a remote staffing agency.

This type of cooperation is perfect for small businesses looking for IT services and large companies planning to expand their working capacities. As a result, a software development staffing agency can become your ultimate solution.

Today, we'll explain what remote recruitment is and how it may benefit any business.

What Is a Remote Staffing Firm?

A remote staffing agency is a firm that finds and employs personnel for other companies. Since such workers operate remotely, it is feasible to recruit a candidate from anywhere on the planet.

Businesses engage with remote recruiting agencies to find talents, expand their staff or find cheaper labor. Agencies, in turn, search for candidates according to company requirements; they conduct interviews and take over the employment process.

As a result, agencies handle all aspects of hiring, whereas businesses only consolidate candidates for the position. There is a possibility that the recruitment agency will do everything for you and you will not even need to speak with remote employees, yet they will still be part of your team. They will help your business to find the best candidates for technical support outsource.

What Distinguishes Remote Staffing Agencies from Other Hiring Methods?

First of all, let's consider how remote recruitment differs from in-house hiring. It's pretty straightforward: remote employees will not work in your office. Such specialists may be far abroad or in another city in your country. Compared to in-house hiring, a remote one is a great way to expand your team at a much cheaper cost.

You can see the distinction between remote and in-house recruitment in the table below:

Remote Recruitment

In-house Recruitment

Ease of Hiring

Staffing agencies handle the recruitment process for you, making it quick and easy.

It's more challenging and time-consuming to locate talents within one city or country.


A cost-effective solution that covers all personnel-related expenditures.

Usually more expensive than staffing agency services.

Quality of Services

Decent quality since you choose which applicants to hire.

Decent quality since you choose which applicants to hire.


Flexible and easy-to-scale approach.

Less flexible approach.

Control over Team

You have direct control over the team, yet remote mode may cause some limitations.

More control as you lead the team from within the company.

Control over the Development Process

Full control over the development process.

Full control over the development process.

What about the difference between remote staffing and outsourcing?

Hiring remote staff gives you more control over development processes and workflows. The recruiting agency is typically searching for full-time employees who will work on a contract basis. Outsourcing, for its part, offers quick solutions to expand personnel for any convenient period.

So, when it comes to remote recruiting, it is more about long-term perspective and reliable full-time personnel. Outsourcing is a temporary solution following the current needs of the business.

You can learn more about the contrast between remote staffing and outsourcing by studying the following table:

Thus, remote recruitment processes have several advantages over the other types of employment. Let's discuss the significance of this form of collaboration for businesses in further depth.

What Can Remote Staffing Agencies Do for Your Business?

Hiring remote staff may have a substantial impact on a company's efficiency. We have compiled a summary of the advantages of this collaborative approach just for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Access to an unlimited talent pool

Employing remote recruitment services increases the number of possible candidates significantly. Compared to the in-house approach, where you can only assemble a local team, you can look for remote workers worldwide.

  • Improving the company's productivity

Despite the common myth that remote employees are less productive than those who work in an office, this is not the case.

Data from the State of Remote Work 2021 research, which polled 2,050 American employees, supports the statement that remote workers do not fall behind in-house ones. 83% of respondents say that their level of productivity during work from home hadn't changed, or is higher, compared to when they worked from the office.

  • The convenient and fast hiring process

Imagine that your business lacks employees. It will take a lot of time and resources to find, select and hire candidates. When you apply for remote staffing firm services, the agency handles all the employment issues. So, you'll get a whole team of professionals in a short period.

  • Opportunity to save money

Since this is a remote approach to hiring, you can find workers in any country. It means that the cost of professional services will also vary. This way, you can locate employees in a country with reasonable compensations. Furthermore, during remote recruitment, you save money on personnel retention, office upkeep, and so on.

Remote Staffing Agencies Services Cost in Different Countries

So, a remote staffing agency will help you hire any employee with the experience you require. Such companies usually have a background in recruiting software development staff, data annotation service specialists, UI/UX designers, and more.

We decided to compare the salaries of full-stack developers in different countries so that you can determine where it is most profitable to hire workers. You can check them out in the table below:

Full-stack Developer Rates


Annual rate

Hourly rate

The US



The UK






The Netherlands






As you can see, hiring remote workers in Eastern European countries, like Ukraine, is a very profitable venture.


Remote staffing agencies allow you to expand your company swiftly and efficiently. Such firms handle the recruitment process as long as business owners can focus on the core operations of their organization. You may save a lot of money and time on hiring by using remote staffing.

Recruiting companies may also assist with talent shortages as their services allow you to employ an experienced worker from anywhere in the world.

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