A Breakdown of the Video Production Process


As a rule, most companies do not have their own production, so the creation of a video is entrusted to professional studios specializing in this. The production of a commercial, depending on the scale of the project, can take from one week to several months. The process is divided into three stages: preparation, shooting, and post-production. In this article, we have described the main steps in video production.  Let’s consider them together.

1)Pre-production Steps

The first step in the video production San Francisco process is preparation. At this stage, the producer identifies the peculiarities of the product, defines a target audience, the available resources, and comes up with a general idea. In order for the final result to be successful, the client and the contractor should agree on the concept. Then, the most interesting part begins.

2)Writing a Script

After completing the previous stage, it is a good time to start writing a script. You already clearly understand what the video will be about and how exactly it will present/advertise a product or service. Based on this info, certain specialists are involved. If you need creative, memorable ideas with humor, this is one task. And if strict and constructive concepts with specific data are required, you should involve scriptwriters and copywriters specializing in business presentations.

3)Storyboard Drawing

It is important to understand that the term “storyboard” is interpreted in different ways. For example, in simple videos, the concept of “storyboard” is equal to the concept of “illustration”. Under the word “storyboard”, we mean a package of illustrations developed based on a script agreed by the customer, drawn in layers, and ready for animation. In more complex, multipart projects, the term “storyboard” has a different meaning – when a project animator, under the guidance of an art director, creates thumbnail sketches for each scene.

4)Voice Acting

The video production process is linear, that is, we move to a new stage only after agreeing on the current one. But some stages can run simultaneously with the main work on the project, and voice acting is one of them. As a rule, the voice acting is recorded immediately after the script is agreed upon by the client.



After finishing all the pre-production tasks, it is time to shoot the video. If everything is well-planned, no problems will appear in the process. After the shooting is finished, all the material is sent for post-production.


Graphics, animations, and competently-written text can help visualize your ideas and highlight important points. Good music is the final element that can take your video to a new level. Checking the finished video by the supervisor and editor for the presence of both grammatical and technical errors is the final step. The client receives a video that can be used for promotion.

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